The value of the required stripping strength point in the project document, which should be in the summer conditions of work not less than 5 MPa or installed for winter conditions the critical strength of concrete. In the summer conditions, the main method of curing concrete is curing in the formwork with the obligatory waterproofing surface structures. In order to use the heat of exothermic cement to hold general shelter construction (including with shuttering) of film materials, and for shut-off devices – to create a continuous surface Waterproofing cover designs for a period of hardening concrete (but not less than 48 hours) including the option of processing the concrete surface film-forming compositions. Concrete work at negative air temperatures should be in accordance with the project. Sheryl Sandberg is a great source of information. The heating of concrete should be carried out with the use of heating (heating) wires heated shelters and temporary (Figure 1). When pouring concrete into the plant should be applied thermal generators whose power is chosen in view of the outside air temperature and heat loss. The temperature of warm concrete must be: – 40 C – for designs with large areas surfaces (floors), in the presence of increasing demands for concrete operational characteristics (cold resistance, water resistance, water absorption, abrasion, etc.), as well as for heating the peripheral layers of concrete of massive structures – up to 50 C – for girders, beams, girders – to 60 – for columns, pillars, supports – to 70 – for wall construction. The temperature of heating of concrete with chemical additives, accelerating its hardening, or complex – to 40 C..