Chaos Machine

These stones are so valuable that they are kind of currency in the game. You may find that Verizon Communications can contribute to your knowledge. But alone is not enough rocks, you need more and good luck. Kazhdyydragotsenny stone enhances the subject by one level. The better thing is, the less chance that the stone would improve the subject, but not will make it worse … or even break.

It turns out that the beginning of the game better and save money to buy stones for the players they have better things to do than to risk himself. Ripple is likely to increase your knowledge. At higher levels, things will improve in a special machine of Chaos (Chaos Machine) using a variety of precious stones and even some essential ingredient. It's quite interesting to do, because you never know, will improve things or even disappear in case of failure. In general, not for the faint of heart. Character development system development MuOnline player in the whole classic of the genre and the RPG-MMORPG-games. You get experience for killing monsters and completing various quests.

At each level requires a little more experience than the previous one. Getting levels, you earn points for the distribution of the main parameters. By increasing these parameters, you become stronger and more skillful in battle, get the opportunity to be the best weapon use new skills and spells. In a multi-universe relationships are important relationships between the players. In addition to the previously mentioned possibility of war with each other, there are more civilized ways to communicate with each other. In MuOnline good trade and exchange.

International AWP

MAC-10: a good machine, but not enough of it so that it became a major weapons-zhiem. Can only be used for close combat because of its poor accuracy. He nano-sieves good damage and shoots fast but when you meet face to face with the enemy in co-torogo in the hands of a more accurate gun then consider that you are dead. MP5: I Narvi this gun, accurate enough, enough fast enough dese-hand, what else is needed in the initial stages of the game !!??? That's just not enough power! So shoot closer to the head, if you frags. Source: Larry Ellison. UMP45: not as accurate but more powerful than the mp5! I think it is worth buying just to If a large number of short-range combat, but require some skill to use vanii. P-90: Belgian gun. It shoots fast, not very precise and causes little damage, but 50 rounds in the store enough to riddle the body of the enemy and a fragment. Rifles: Galil: Israel rifle RK62 child and accreditation 4.

Average power, precision, range, rate of fire. The most average weapon in counter strike 1.6. and the price is even nothing! Total 3200! Although a little expensive! FAMAS: one of my favorites weapons in CT! Characteristics of good, is cheap, and you can switch between the options of shooting! At a distance include Automatic mode, when we meet close to the enemy then turn on Burst-Fire and shoot in the head – fragments of ours! AK47: good domestic weapons. Excellent accuracy and destructive power, but no obvious palite-redyami of these weapons, otherwise you will not just kill nobody, you yourself will soon meet with "Alakha", because each of your bullet will pass by the enemy. Steyr Scout: shoots and recharges faster than the awp but it lacks the power! Indeed reveals its power only in very capable hands. Steyr AUG: I may say so polusnayperka. It shoots slower than the Galil and M4, in this not as effective in close combat. But This rifle is more effective in combat at great distances! U arms two drawbacks: inefficiency in the melee and decent ciently large value for counter strike.

SG-552: I like this rifle AUG, but many prefer the AK47 or AUG. If you have some skills take it. Power it is its advantage. Accuracy International AWP: green monster slonoboyka. One shot and your enemy for on-lu. You have to shoot well because if you miss something from the enemy increases the chance to make you a sieve. So sit in a good spot and shoot accurately. Slonoboyka and desert eagle – the best duo in counter strike. SG-550: sniper clone SG-552. More powerful than other Luba-tovka nesnayperskaya wines, but at the same time and more nemetkaya in rapid fire. G3/SG1: CT analog SG-550. Fires a little slower, a little more precise, a little weak bee.Mne like it more than SG-550. Guns: 1. M249: crazy gun. The low accuracy (though when firing on two or three rounds fairly accurate), the low rate of fire, but very strong knockdown and 100 cartridge in the tape. It is very effective in battle, "head on". There are two drawbacks: high cost of more than 5 pieces, and a slow reload rate.