National Bank Circulation

Recently, the demand for Ukrainian coins made of precious metals has increased significantly. This is primarily due to increased interest in individuals who began to view memorabilia and commemorative coins as a investment vehicle. Prior to that, the coins were bought in Ukraine as a gift or for collectors. However, continued growth rynkovoy value of coins (many of about 100% per year), provoked by speculators and in part, the policy of the National Bank, has led to most of the population that has extra hryvnia began to invest in coins. Great impact on the price of coins has a circulation. For example, 'Orans' gold 999 carat weight of 1 ounce of 500 USD, released in 1996 copies of a thousand pieces. With the release of its price was the equivalent of about $ 800, now it can not find and for $ 15,000. All coins are the same parameters – weight, fineness of precious metals, circulation, sale National Bank for the same price.

And in the secondary market price dictates supply and demand, depending on circulation, number of coins sent abroad or bought up by speculators. The most expensive coin in Ukrainian base Metal – 'For the sake of collecting Schorichni keruyuchih EBRD in Ukrani', released in 1998. Its price rose from UAH 4. (Less than $ 1.) To 2500 (about $ 500.) Grn. Currently is the only coin of base metals which circulation of 10,000 copies. Of silver until 2006 year was the most expensive coin "10 Square Rokiv Ukraine". Its selling price was 160 USD NBU. On the black market, it costs about $ 6,000.

(Photo coins) In 2006 the competition was her so-called 'Ukrainian kilogram' coin dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Ukrainian currency reform. It is made of silver 999 coin weight of 1 kg. In free sale of this coin was not, she did not even hit the territorial offices of the NBU. Rapidly becoming more expensive coins are opened the series, as in most cases, their circulation was much less than the following series of coins. Based on materials from the site