Public Accountant

They will be the Accountants important conscious Public of and the powerful thing that it is a tool like Excel in its hands? Respndase the question. To the answer, it adds to him that it is difficult to find a good course of Excel. It is needed then to create a fort impulse that indeed causes that the professionals of the accountant’s office watch Excel beyond which makes a calculator and that concentrates a little in learning more. Excel practically puts everything in its hands to facilitate the tasks. The same DIAN is worth of Excel to create the tributary prevalidador and other tools that ayudarenta.xls puts at the disposal of the contributors like the file. Applications as that can be created by any professional, like a Public Accountant, for example.

And it is not for anything difficult, because every time the world of the systems approaches more the users. The countable professional who practically dominates the macros of Excel laughs of all the adversities. The dark side in this subject is the pressure which on a daily basis a Public Accountant faces, since he does not allow that approach or pays attention 100% when it faces a tool like Excel. Unfortunately the Accountant got used to being extinguishing fires instead of to prevent them. does not stagnate learns to use Excel the prevention, the logistics, the organization, implementation of new techniques, are methodologies that there are to develop to achieve the success. A disadvantage of some is that they demonstrate problems in reading understanding or lack of attention. Also there are some professionals who were accustomed to an assistant who does to them until the most mini changes to a picture in Excel. Alexander Quiceno, Public, expert Accountant in handling of Excel and creator of has detected aspects that there are to attack so that the mentality changes Conoc areas in which to only maintain the same it is created the image of the importance and necessity of people to position and which they are not arranged to accept revolutionary methodologies like which Excel offers, because it supposes to lose the work, or to lose its assistants.

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On the other hand, the random is what is out of our control. For example: you can be an extraordinary, responsible driver and still no warranty constitutes an automobile accident. We can only prevent accidental events and prepare us to face some suffering which might be inevitable. Diseases are common realities of human nature; not a life or God’s punishment for our acts. Similarly, goods kept by us, are not a reward for our good behavior.

We must always do good, not because we expect anyone, even of God’s favor. We have to do good because it is part of our obligation as a person. Human beings we differentiate ourselves from other living beings by the ability to reason, to learn, to be happy, but above all to act, this last (acting) implies the other two. Maximum happiness is being able to move around, do things: love that without place to doubt, it is the Supreme Act of human life. Starting from loving ourselves. We must not fix our attention in search of the because it was not what it could be, or why I have this disease, or why if I’ve been a good man, these terrible happen me things. We should instead promote a reflexive behavior (what can I learn from this situation that is happening to me), must evaluate how to observe situations do this is something terrible or that tools have to envelope put me this tragedy? We must give us the opportunity to go in search of dignity, how this situation leads me to achieve full freedom? I urge you to continue with your dreams, to seek the good of others, has been living an ethical life, deep and lasting satisfaction; Finally, after the best have a rainy day is the hope I tardeo early the Sun will rise for everyone.