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On the other hand, the random is what is out of our control. For example: you can be an extraordinary, responsible driver and still no warranty constitutes an automobile accident. We can only prevent accidental events and prepare us to face some suffering which might be inevitable. Diseases are common realities of human nature; not a life or God’s punishment for our acts. Similarly, goods kept by us, are not a reward for our good behavior.

We must always do good, not because we expect anyone, even of God’s favor. We have to do good because it is part of our obligation as a person. Human beings we differentiate ourselves from other living beings by the ability to reason, to learn, to be happy, but above all to act, this last (acting) implies the other two. Maximum happiness is being able to move around, do things: love that without place to doubt, it is the Supreme Act of human life. Starting from loving ourselves. We must not fix our attention in search of the because it was not what it could be, or why I have this disease, or why if I’ve been a good man, these terrible happen me things. We should instead promote a reflexive behavior (what can I learn from this situation that is happening to me), must evaluate how to observe situations do this is something terrible or that tools have to envelope put me this tragedy? We must give us the opportunity to go in search of dignity, how this situation leads me to achieve full freedom? I urge you to continue with your dreams, to seek the good of others, has been living an ethical life, deep and lasting satisfaction; Finally, after the best have a rainy day is the hope I tardeo early the Sun will rise for everyone.

Costa Rica

Brazen the Morals said that there is to respect desires of the Honduran town to change his laws. Then it is not the Honduran town but its ex- president who wanted to do it. Of equal way it happened in Bolivia when he decided to do the same. It was against the popular will and the citizenship was raised massively to the streets, to the point that Morals it had to approve his political constitution in a military quarter. It is not necessary to forget that when assumed the presidency, it arbitrarily dismissed to the generals and colonels in the control, and either placed to exorbitant his monigotes paying to them extreme so that they obey to him without chistar. Evo Morales is the most grotesque expression of dictadorcillo Latin American that is created alive and thinks that it can make fun of of the intelligence of the town, and the world. He is that in these times, until an illiterate and prepotent farmer he enjoys international cover if he has money, without mattering from where this one comes.

Morals besides autocrat are the president of all the bunds of cocaine producers of Bolivia, which means that she is the direct person in charge of the increase of the cocaine manufacture, fact turns that it into a delinquent associated to the drug trafficking. The Bolivian cocaine has increased the indices of violence in Argentina and Brazil, where in the towns misery and favelas it is smoked in the form of sulphate or alpaca grazes well-known base like . That form of the drug is most addictive, being its power of dependency more hard than the one of the heroin. Besides the entailment with the drug, Morals have been cause of the death by governmental repression of more people than nobody in the last 50 years, including all the combined military dictatorships, which turns to him into murder accomplice. With those causes upon its head, besides the one of illicit enrichment, it is no wonder Evo Morales begins to shake and to request aid to name of the false democracy that defends.

Manuel Zelaya did not arrive at the criminality. Today it is in Costa Rica, tomorrow will go away to Nicaragua, later to Venezuela, it will continue his lloriqueos consoled by Insulza, and more ahead surely it will finish curled up in the arms of Barack Obama. If Evo Morales is dismissed, to the unique place that will go he is to the jail.