Annual Revenue For Children

Protestant woman helps in Schwerte, Germany supported Diakonie with fundraising for two years support the Protestant woman helps in Schwerte, Germany the Group of children mourning the psychological counselling office. Now, the women handed over the year proceeds of their fundraising Diakonia. With the money those responsible want to make friendly the Group rooms of the funeral group. Traditionally, the Protestant woman helps support diaconal projects with the proceeds from the fundraising and cake sales. So 2000 euro of the children’s grief group of psychological counselling in benefit this year. The Group rooms should be fitted with the money. We would like to thank yet again warmly at this point woman aid”, so the Evangelical Reverend Ruth Hansen, who heads the children’s grief group together with Stefanie rear mountain by the psychological counselling office. Without this support we could maintain hardly our offer.” Children who have lost a familiar people, should be together in the children’s grief group other stakeholders given the opportunity to process their own grief.

It is important to adopt children in their grief and to help them”, reported Stefanie rear mountain. In a group, you can support each other and strengthen. They come out from their loneliness.” A first course had already taken place in the spring of this year and was met with a great response. Next spring, the psychological counselling of the Diakonie thanks to the generous donation is now planning a continuation of the offer. Registrations for the next group of children mourning like to assume the staff of psychological counselling under 9393-70.