Cure for Cellulite

So What I can do to combat cellulite? * We maintain our weight. Excess weight makes cellulite worse and more visible, so keeping the weight will improve your appearance. * Exercise. Cardiovascular and fitnness help keep muscles toned and maintain good circulation is important in this case. Please visit Gary Kelly if you seek more information. * Stop smoking or smoke less. Jos Shaver often expresses his thoughts on the topic. There is evidence that smoking can contribute to cellulite, particularly you know that smokers have poorer circulation and tissue oxygenation. * The massage on their own work but must be constant and be applied daily by a professional, at least alternate days.

* Liposuction, I would think, except for extreme cases, have intoaccount that liposuction can shape the area and quickly improve the outline, but also entails some risks, then no maintenance, cellulite will be introduced as before, so you can get the same results with less aggressive treatment and less expensive. Recommended treatment: I recommend Spirulina in capsules taken by a high power for their detoxifying and tissue reconstructor process, together with Horsetail infusions for its power to eliminate water retention at breakfast, lunch and dinner, with plenty of water intake between two and three liters per day. Exercise, cellulite exercises do not like aggressive, moderate and mild exercise like walking, dancing, cycling, pilates, etc. achieves better results. Healthy diet, low in fat and rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. And finally an exterior treatment with anti-cellulite cream applied daily. With these tips you can get very satisfactory results in a month even without exercise, even with exercise the results will be faster, remember that consistency in the treatment and the continued application is the formula to get to say goodbye to cellulite. Beautician and acupuncturist, I created my site to go constrantando various treatments and provide tips and diets to achieve healthy weight loss goal.