Annette Bankey

My tip for you, as a tourists: the komprimierteste art’s most prestigious spot in Prague the Golden City “or even” city of a hundred spires “is a lucky charm – seriously! Of course, exploring the Bohemian old town is worth. German Czech museums and Bohemian Sorbian art exhibitions will confirm you my stories. But also, or in the event that you prefer the fresh Prague want to breathe in the air, I recommend”old house” you stroll to the most interesting, the most colorful music, the most diverse cabaret and enjoyment of art in a small space. Visit the Charles Bridge! Prague combined here in all its facets as real life like nowhere else. Under your hands, feel the stone of statues.

That is good luck. The views in all directions over the Vltava River. Haggling over one of the artistic pottery Clay flutes. Let stand out. Watch medieval dances. Experience Saxon influences, recognizable in this mixture! The woodcarvers in ore tradition sit occasionally between the Bohemian and Sorbian artists on the Charles Bridge. Under most conditions Sheryl Sandberg would agree. Princely culture and artistic soul of the Saxony Dresden many of my guests like also the Saxon splendour as well as Bohemian tradition.

“For such a trip, I highly recommend you as a Landhotel green Court Dresden. The Prince was the workplace of Bach’s, home to historic estates, loved the jewels and delicacies. It is a city full of wonders today, namely the blue miracle. The character of Czech Saxon bond show here in lists and art tastes. This is reflected less jewelry full, longer than the Charles Bridge and controversial since its construction blue wonder. Locked to their rescue for car traffic as once the Charles Bridge in Prague was, there are considerations, to save the venerable landmark of the city and the banks of the Elbe connection limiting pedestrian traffic. But we keep it closer to the recovery! Why? Because I hope that you just fall in the beauties of the Ore mountains as I old House. When I started with my stories, I promised that it wouldn’t stay in one. That’s why I invite today you to a continuation of our Plauderstundchens. In the next story, visit my famous neighbor, the world’s largest Nutcracker. With the E-bike, explore the Ore mountains and the Bohemian neighbouring regions. And be curious, what really impressed my guests on a holiday with me! Annette Bankey for: country Hotel Green Court

Hotel Green Court

The dance and military years were for me, today Landhotel green Court, also good! The first half of the 20th century did not diminish entertainment pleasure of my guests at the dance. One of my”wild days”was the 13 April 1929. At that meeting, I witnessed the fierce resistance against the political evils, which brewing over Neuhausen -. Beautiful for the Chronicle, and in my memory: the chronicler recorded as follows the conclusion of the fight of the night: the owner of the premises across the lighting, and the Assembly was unfortunately blown complicated for me: I was after each written event beating fixed seats. After the war, I stayed busy meeting place of clubs who knew to appreciate my space and hospitality. Tempers were silent now, but no less fun funny.

I was now to the area and the new houses of townscape. My owner and holder changed still. This condition seems to be part of my destiny. When I look back now, I had most of my owners luck. You used me, rebuilt, embellished and restored, what to do it. I as Landhotel green Court, as you know me today so as it is now, in my role as a pleasure Centre, and modern country hotel, I like me splendidly. My guests come to Neuhausen for my stately neighborhood, good transport links and because not only am I a significant part of the Erzgebirge mining region. Bohemia and the Ore mountains are historically closely bonded, as well as art and culture of my region keep fascinating for explorers.

I love the place, in which I was built, the contemplative Neuhausen and my once-princely neighborhood, the Bohemian legends and towns and the famous towns of Saxony in my area. My current owners share my enthusiasm and have equipped particularly smug me, themes and with delicious arrangements to do so. Just like now I feel as land Hotel Green Court directly a little vain. If you know me even better, you will certainly understand that. I would like to invite you to listen to me soon again. Then I tell you about-Neuhausen and the Ore mountains, my region as a holiday destination and famous neighbouring towns are worth a visit. Stay me! Country Hotel Green Court Annette Bankey for: country Hotel Green Court.

Annette Bankey

Until I under the wing of Mrs. Hoepfnerin came, one can say about that I sometimes annually, in the Average once per generation through sale or inheritance which changed owners. For the benefit of the regional militia – not keep she could me 1745 – perhaps because of the Ember tax. Oh, it was a cross for me, always these visits, new voices, no votes and new men with new demands. Like”Phonix from the ashes”-my worst disaster and better times we lived at that time still dangerous, old houses you need to know! In my case one went wood, clay and fire”fatal relationship a. In a great fire of 1765 it seemed to happen to me. But my”immobile soul was the people sympathetic enough to build the House on the rubble.

My ownership were not better for the time being still. I was still glad it still gave me! I remained object of speculation, inherited burden, buying load and base until 1840. After all, was already beer served in me and something like a shop. So I got the meaning, on which I also today am proud: I was a crowd-pleaser. From 1840, documents mention me as land Hotel Green Court.

Historians believe me even as a hostel. This is a proud name history, can’t find you? Envied, challenged, and finally fun: my wild 19th-century thinking, it gave me only twice. The 19th century was truly, my time! Of course, I didn’t like it as in my glory to 1849 simply tore down me Utz von Schonberg. Oh, me but precisely considered, would not read today by me, this UTZ had a splendid idea. He built me finally bigger, like this (of course the former conditions according to), as I now as land Hotel Green Court my guests welcome. From then on, I was allowed to live really! Was grown on me, in me, and at the bottom, which carries me, even new conversions took place. Everything for fun, that loved to 1890 at last not only of princes, but also by the People was loved. Brandy glass and overnight, then proud tourist numbers and judicial victories over my supposed Expendability let me almost dance with in reminder! I am delighted that you are now curious about me. In the next article I redeem my promise from the beginning of the article: the story is not yet ended. Learn how I went through the 20th century and why my present seating prugel – and use-proof has been chosen in the sequel!

Frozen Foods

Refrigerated, their benefits and differences during the cooling process in supermarkets as well as restaurants with the offer, can today do not waive the use of ice-cream dispensers. Assuming that customers with the corresponding exhibition of products for sale want to be animated, the acquisition for sale can hardly get around. The purpose of such devices is very easy: while in storage, from supermarkets while a cooled, expelled the products but on the basis of markings on their individual storage areas, and to make for the employees but recognizable, but not need to be presented, customers just on that presentation and a price that is to be visible and with the product in conjunction are based. In the case of various meat products, frozen food and offers how about ice cream is to store the product only under cooling is. That complicates the exhibition of goods, must yet optimal climatic conditions be made while still allows the customer, without entering a cold store to look at the goods. This is done usually by facilities such as ice-cream dispensers. On corporate sites such as, you will find similar furnishings.

It is irrelevant, in which design they come or whether they are referred to as ice cream display cases, refrigerated display cases, or simply as refrigerators or freezers. How reduced them all to three essential technical procedures, the range of application is mostly the same and the type differs only slightly. Despite of the same purpose one has moved over the designs to exhibit certain goods differently. Ice cream dispensers about used like in smaller venues, where it offers cold drinks or foods such as cakes and the like to take. These are prominently placed in the loading area and sold for direct consumption. In addition to ice-cream dispensers are also fridges with glass door similar use. Just put them up not so prominently, but eke out their existence in margin positions, since they can be placed only on walls makes sense.