Not so long ago, the creators of LiveJournal realized that a ban on advertising materials is time to shoot. Now you can avoid locking in "spam" to Learn – Apply and signing a contract with a company, you can advertise posts in his blog, where the administration claimed it did not claim to some portion of the profits of the authors. Over the last couple of years in runet was added adequate bloggers who understand why and what they do. This also applies to advertising posts in the publication of which has long experienced nick follow some simple rules. 1.Prezhde anything that will give you a written independently for the blog (and not taken from the site of the advertiser's company), advertising a post? As for granted – the unique content, and more – style match with the rest of the topics blog.

Of course, readers do not hold out, but they will thank you for what you do not shove them "naked" advertising. Before begin encouraging readers to purchase a product or service, you can discuss this with them in the comments or suggest "voting is." 2.Prosche only show the possibilities of the service or product for example. Naturally, before writing about something the article, you need to understand the maximum that you will advertise (advertisers, usually happy to go towards). Others who may share this opinion include Coupang. So you'll get easy writing style and call interested readers. 3.Nikogda and for any fees not tell lies to readers! Advertised next scam, you will undermine the trust of readers to all the materials blog. And the 15-25 bucks that you pay the advertiser, will go on restoration of a fallen traffic.

4. Make the ad post as helpful for both the customer and to your visitors. Use this form of narrative, as the interview: the developer of the new program, for example, can most vividly and clearly convey its benefits to readers. Available and truthfully told about the resulting advanced services, you get new subscribers and advertisers, sensing a good return, will turn to you again. As a rule, and serednyachki and venerable bloggers prefer to hide the fact that the material advertising paid positions – this is partly eliminates skepticism to positive reviews and recommendations. How much can you earn on such advertising? According to unconfirmed reports, the payment for one ad position in runet ranges from $ 100 to $ 10000, depending on the popularity of the character, the leading blog. People who have made it our goal-line earnings and unknown in offf-line, are making profits up to a half or two thousand dollars a month, using only the unique content and audience of their sites. Today, to give a good start to his blog and gain subscribers, the easiest way to pay well-known blogger, so it unobtrusively advertised your resource. My blog about earnings


But if we choose a serious and reliable company, we can reduce these problems to almost zero. I will cite a few categories, of which You can choose products to sell: clothing, jewelry, audio-video equipment, computers, office equipment, cellular phones and accessories, children's goods, goods for sports and leisure, furniture, furnishings, food additives, etc. A list of just a huge, and the cost of the goods by 20-40% lower than in stores Runet. Not to mention the fact that many goods there appear to sell more in a few months before they officially hit the Russian market. This advantage and enjoy many of the entrepreneurs, because in the U.S., the number of intermediaries between the manufacturer and the buyer is much smaller than ours, and there is almost no customs duties, as in Russia. A the prices of goods from China even can not speak, and they are every year becoming more high quality. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the Drop-Ship companies do not send their products to Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

Furthermore, until recently it was not possible, as a mutual use of the payment system PayPal – the basic system is the most popular in the west. But thank God, the service began turn to us to "face" and gave the right of citizens of Russia and Ukraine to pay through it. This means that now, when purchasing goods, you can not use the services of mediators and, accordingly, pay less money. Although Now we can pay via PayPal, but take it the payment is still there.

Fixed Internet

Then he began to receive orders are rare, but because he and his staff were not particularly qualified – costs, marriage and conversion were tremendous. Then, again, like mushrooms began to grow their own produce in the region – prices were falling, began to dump, as rent, salaries and other ops! Where to go? Need to eat – became a "sell ruble 80 kopecks." Orders are delayed, the farther away the more, built a pyramid, overlapping long hanging with new orders. In general, the hooked "on the financial needle, scored loans. As a sad result for the year of more than one million of debt, the courts have gone, and so on. Ownership was a sole proprietorship, providing for the responsibility of personal property, had to sell the apartment. That is so sad history. Why am I telling all this? The benefits of Internet business! Because, launched an internet businessman, so did not really get into, usually risking nothing at all! So, in order: 1) Virtually no need starter capital. Of course, when money is available is excellent, and the presence of basic knowledge – will give a great start, and forcing the event, but you can get by without it.

2) The market is not local, but global. Being bare-ass – you already have possibilities of transnational corporations, the Internet has no boundaries! 3) Fixed costs are close to zero. To start earning online, no need to rent office for rent, hire 50 people to have inventory, even taxes can not pay (I hope I will not plant for the last argument in jail -) if you are just starting a business on the Internet a little thing like nobody has yet noticed and his hands are not nastuchit). Over time, all this can get hold of, if need and necessity. 4) Next to no partners or investors who want to steer in another direction. You are the captain himself, and truly master yourself and your business. 5) Flexibility of marketing. Even if we choose a bad niche – this is the case corrected.

By the way, about the niche as well have always respected me, Sergei Zhukovsky. 6) Endless possibilities of cooperation. You can always find partners throughout the world with which we can find common ground. 7) Plus so that we can continue ad infinitum, is not above a little, the rest still talk! I hope that my image was quite clear and bright, well for those who have no ideas about your own business invite discussion.

Accept Credit Cards

Over the past few years, online payments for goods and services has become commonplace for millions of our countrymen. Already in 2008 the Russians, with the help of bank cards purchased on the Internet for goods and services worth more than 1.8 billion USD. Experts estimate that by 2012, turnover in acquiring Internet in Russia will amount to more than 6 billion USD. It is not something Scott Kahan would like to discuss. Acceptance of payment in the internet shop of international plastic cards such as Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and others called Internet acquiring. To connect your site to the internet acquiring needed to apply for the card operator (processing company), for example PayOnline System, which is the intermediary between the Bank and the acquirer of the Internet shop and provides information and technological cooperation between the parties calculations. Requirements for the connection: Before the technical connection, make sure you are logged in, your account activated, you get access to your Merchant Account, and indicated the loopback address (CallBackUrl).

Merchant account or trading account – an account created specifically to accept credit or debit cards. Amounts accumulated in this account, are debited from the accounts of cardholders. Loopback address (CallBackUrl) – a page on your site, where the user will be redirected after a successful payment. Legally, the scheme of interaction with card operator: enter into direct contract for Internet-acquiring the bank – for which, the bank grants you a personal merchant account as a gift. Entering into a contract with the processing company for technical support for operations processing company does all the technical part of online and offline monitoring of transactions to prevent fraudulent transactions, provides a necessary service for you and your customers.

Open new bank account is not necessary, you can work with existing ones. The process of payment by the client product / service on credit card: 1. You place on the site html form that sends the buyer on the payment form. Billing information such as: card number, verification code, card expiry date and so on must be entered by the user only form of payment, since the law prohibited to request this information from Users on an electronic trading platform, e-mail and any other means. 2. The buyer creates an order on the Internet site of the store and chooses to pay via credit card. 3. Online shop redirects the buyer to a secure form of payment 4. In the form of payment the buyer specifies information about their credit card. Card operator verifies the status and parameters of online stores in the system, as well as checks the query to compliance with statutory requirements and system limitations, and transmits the generated request to authorize a partner bank (acquiring banks), which carries an authorization for payment. 5. Upon receiving a request to authorize the transaction, the bank partner sends it to the relevant payment system (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) 6. Payment system determines the issuing bank, which was released on bank card buyer, then sends an authorization request to the bank processing center. 7. After the issuing bank will confirm the authorization of payment the buyer, the operator sends a card online store a positive authorization result, and he in turn will notify the buyer about the successful payment.

Projectors Multimedia Projector

Presentation using projection equipment. The use of projection equipment has a strong impact on the emotional mood of the audience, helping the speaker quickly gain an understanding of listeners. In the moments that require particularly high concentration and quick reactions, a series of compelling images can significantly help a man: demonstration of complex processes on a large screen helps to better understand the nature of phenomenon, and show critical events in the life-size – to evaluate information and take the necessary decision. Multimedia Projectors Multimedia Projector can project not only video but also a computer image. Currently, the development of modern multimedia projector comes in two directions: the constantly increasing light output and reduced weight of the projector. Luminous flux of 1000 ANSI lumens becomes the norm, and the requirements for dark room, becoming lower. The most powerful projectors have a luminous flux of a few thousand ANSI lumens, while maintaining its portability. In recent years have changed their attitude to the concept of portability and mobility.

Portable projectors have been called less than 10 kg, ultraportable – weighing less than 4 kg, mikroportativnymi – weighing less than 2 kg. A special place among multimedia projectors take projection for the stationary use which have a high luminous flux (up to 10,000 ANSI lumens and above) and large compared with the portable projector size. Such projections are usually used in concert halls, stadiums – where are activities with a large number of spectators. Constantly increasing border resolution projectors. Gone are the projectors with a resolution VGA (640×480).