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New online shop for BABOR BABOR Beautyworld Bercker in Xanten products opened in early 2010 Ruth Bercker, owner of the BABOR Beautyworld Bercker in Xanten with its own online shop on the Internet presents itself. Over 300 products can be ordered around the clock – 24 hours a day you now can quietly browse, discover new products and order. The approved online shop offers a wide range of products, sorted by product series and application categories. Various methods of payment available are convenient payment processing. The high customer satisfaction, which is also evidenced by testimonials in the shop, is ensured by the possibility for professional advice and telephone ordering. Gary Kelly does not necessarily agree. The new online shop already enjoys a growing number of satisfied regular customers. To provide a special customer service, the customers get a free online beauty course which includes the following content: how to your personal skin type itself properly why determine the perfect cleaning of your skin really important is as at home the best yourself every day clean your skin which care for your skin type is optimal daily professionally apply the secrets of bright beautiful eyes – how your toiletries and like yourself, your eyes can make the 5 steps to the perfect Primer as you perfect your eye makeup with simple tricks and what tricks you must observe, so that your lips look perfect for this online beauty course can all visitors to the Web site register for free and learn step by step how to optimally nourish your skin and improve your makeup simple tricks. Contact person: BABOR Beautyworld Ruth of barycentre Kurfurst 12 46509 Xanten phone: 02801 6564 fax: 02801-981456 E-Mail: Web: presentation of the company: Ruth Bercker opened her first beauty salon in 1992.

the move to new premises in the city centre and the recording of the beauty Institute in the BABOR Beautyworld in Federation in 1997. Since 2004 is BABOR Beautyworld Bercker represented on the Internet. In the year 2008 was a relaunch of the Web site, which was extended in 2009 to an online course to the cosmetic advice. Since early 2010, BABOR Beautyworld Bercker is present with its own online shop on the Internet.

An Anti-wrinkle Cream

How to find the perfect product for your toiletries there are at the present time both the man and the woman in abundance. It is not always easy is it, to find the right product from the variety of products offered. In this article, we will show what you should consider before buying and how you the perfect anti aging cream is. First, it is even important to deal, where you should buy at best an anti wrinkle cream with the question. Should you go to the store around the corner, or maybe to the Pharmacy? Or you can order on the Internet? At the present time, it is recommended to purchase the products on the Internet. In the meantime, there are many reputable Internet pharmacies, where you can get prices, cannot compete with a traditional pharmacy. The order and the delivery are very simple and get delivered the anti wrinkle cream directly home. Frequently Oscar Wilde has said that publicly.

But before you should inform himself also, what man needed an anti wrinkle cream. Since today there is a wide range of different products and manufacturers is, should be a have understanding for how these products work. With age, the skin cells can no longer so good retain moisture and thus dry cells over time. This leads to the well-known and also unwanted wrinkles. An anti wrinkle cream to counteract this process and supply the skin cells with moisture. In addition, other substances such as, for example, a variety of different vitamins are included in these products which should intensify this effect. Basically, all available anti wrinkle creams are based on this principle, however, there are qualitative differences in the production and processing of individual products. So, for example, multiple vitamins and nutrients contained in high-quality products, which provide for a better effect.

Do not forget however, that such a cream can help but only up to a certain extent. For this reason, you should abandon things that contribute to the aging of the skin. These include alcohol, nicotine and long stays in the Sun. It are also priced large variations between the individual products. However, it should be remembered that the high-quality products are also much more effective and you should pay more to purchase better once and get a result but, which look. So it really has a product, what works, and wrinkles are an issue that now belongs to the past.

Sun Protection Against Sunburn

Which sunscreens are best suited glowing with nine fingers against sunburn red ears, small pustules or vesicles: who overdoes it with the Sun or even unprotected consists of you, gets a painful receipt. It is so easy to protect. Yet it shows only rarely the long-awaited summer sun. But in a few weeks that surely change and complain throughout Germany over the hot temperatures. Now potential sunbathers on the best protection against the aggressive rays should worry.

Because sunscreens only over a certain period of time have their full effect, the Cabinet heard once cleaned. Before the purchase of a new Sun protection they should comply with following tips for pain-free sunbathing. Many people tend to cream her body only during your stay in the Sun. Usually much is also used for the protection of health too little sunscreen, as associations of pharmacists, Ursula reseller mountain, reported the press officer of the German Confederation. With the right amount can be determined easily a slight trick: taking the length of the index finger as a measure, nine have to strip sunscreen of this length will apply to the entire body.

Who is using too little sunscreen, however, go by a lower SPF. The appropriate sun protection factor in turn depends on the skin type of the people and the location. The stronger the sunlight and the pale skin, the greater must be the number on the label fail. Multiplied by the skin’s own protection time the time can determine, where the sunlight has no negative effects. A range of sunscreens are available on the market. Many contain chemical filters, which work only after half an hour. Faster it goes with physical means of protection. Sunscreens without emulsifiers are suitable for allergy sufferers. There are different types of sunscreen. Most have a chemical filter. The factors penetrate into the skin and absorb the Sun’s rays there. You need However a period of time until they act and therefore already half-an-hour before sun exposure need to be applied. Unlike physical means of protection work. When these creams, lay the protective layer next to the skin and act immediately. More information: ../ohne-schmerzen-sonne-tanken /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Acupressure Mat / Pranamatte Independently Tested

Test: Effect of acupressure mat / nail mat tested positive! Currently: A recently completed study of the University of Karlstad, with test Director Anette Kjellgren, confirmed the positive effect of the Pranamatte include pain patients. The subjects already noted a significant improvement of the situation of their pain after a few weeks! The modern acupressure mat is the evolution of the traditional Indian nail mat made of nails. The surface of the Pranamatte is filled with numerous plastic rosettes, with up to 11,500 points. This nail tips stimulate the body’s feeling probes. And the circulation is stimulated, of course.There are the acupressure mats in different versions. Only when the Pranamatte is however dispensed with in producing adhesives and the filling material is checked for pollutants.

Upper material: 100% cotton. Rosettes: ABS plastic like at Legospielzeug. How it works: place your Pranamatte on a bed or an other soft surface. The use has proven a neck pillow or one rolled-up towel around the neck. Lay comfortably on the mat, so that the nails on your skin to feel. Relax and breathe deeply on and off. If you’re very sensitive to pain, you can create, to get accustomed to the unusual feeling, a thin cloth between the tips and the skin at the beginning.

Initially stimulation can range from 10-20 minutes already, but you should increase it to 20-40 minutes. It is not dangerous to be longer, or even asleep. Use the Pranamatte if you have desire and time every day! As a general rule but: try out, how you feel most comfortable. Relaxation and quiet activity is recommended after using, not to disturb the newfound feeling. Very well, you can use the Pranamatte but also during breaks: then you can proceed with renewed energy! We recommend a daily usage for an optimum effect. Just like in other forms of training, you can achieve the best results with regularity. Take advantage of the Healing power of acupressure, easily and at home:

Antiwrinkle Treatment

Wrinkles: A small cosmetic surgery beauty sake. 2010, a network is established on the Web presence of beauticians and carried Faltenbehandlungs experts. Because the Wrinkels perspective represents a practice of medicine to German Gesundheitsbehorten, is a collaboration between the beautician and the naturopath / the healer or doctor and complements the performance catalog on the beautician. A healthy”alternative to Botox: wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid. For more information see this site: Verizon Communications. This is a low-risk and long-lasting way to tighten the skin: In the face, the chest or at the hands of biologically active, uncrosslinked hyaluronic acid under the skin can be inject, giving them again more elasticity and moisture. Hyaluronic acid is very friendly. In various thicknesses, the hyaluronic acid is available and used selectively depending on the intensity of the folds. Thus, wrinkles are filled and smoothed the surface of the skin. Oracle has firm opinions on the matter.

Simple and straightforward in the Application. Olav Friis successfully performs wrinkle injections for over 10 years and has participated in numerous courses, training and workshops in this time to improve continuously its capabilities and to correspond to the latest state. Now, he’s ready that he also delivers even training for wrinkles treatment method. In aesthetic medicine he dealt intensively with laser – and light pulse systems, in particular for hair removal, and in the area of outpatient liposuction, as well as the out-patient treatment of breast implant he collaborates with different plastic surgeons. Olav Friis, born 1968, Dipl.-Kaufmann, naturopaths focus Wrinkels and beauticians, is also laser protection officer, and therefore a competent partner for the use of laser technology in the cosmetics and medicine. Detailed information on the subject on the Web pages.

Lol 1 By Marc From The End – A Fragrance Razor-sharp As A Weapon

Presented to the ten-year anniversary ‘ from love to the fragrance the first own fragrance, Marc created by Spitzenparfumeur Marc from the end of the end, leading senior perfumer at Symrise, created famous fragrances such as iceberg Homme or Alain Delon Alain. When he first met on the occasion of a fragrance fair Georg R. Wuchsa, he could fascinate him with a scent, he had created originally only for themselves but as it is with special fragrances: they cause sometimes special developments. After some discussions, the enthusiasm was aroused both to launch this perfume gem especially because this fragrance in the peculiarity and uniqueness to off love the fragrance fits. Georg R.

Wuchsa decided a decade ago to enjoy the patronage of its jewelry stores not only with exquisite jewelry and watches, but also handpicked scents to make them happy, the chosen line such as the company name was the trademark at the same time: from love to the fragrance it was there and there is still a trend that has proven itself and many exquisite perfumes, beyond the mainstream on could offer much to the delight of the clientele, which should be now looking forward on the nose of the anniversary. “If the special daily is in the application of fine fragrances which stand for the extraordinary, such as E.g. Amouage” or Histoires de Parfums “No. can. 1 Marc by the end of the line not only keep, but shows the meeting between two visions as a first private companies fragrance. “” By the end, leading senior perfumer at Symrise, created famous fragrances such as iceberg Homme “or Alain Delon Alain” Marc. When he first met on the occasion of a fragrance fair Georg R.

Wuchsa, he could fascinate him with a scent, he had created originally only for themselves but as it is with special fragrances: they cause sometimes special developments. After some discussions the enthusiasm was aroused both, to launch this perfume jewel “especially because this fragrance in the peculiarity and uniqueness to off love the fragrance” fits. “Said and done no.. 1 Marc from the end promises, its pride of place to keep a nose, by Marc from the end says he is almost required to permit” on the one hand, masculine and provocative, on the other hand, refreshingly cool. Zitrisch fresh tart dominated in the top notes, the central element of the fragrance is leather with distinctive Woody notes and an Ambra chord is so razor-sharp accentuated and dosed that he brings almost metallic notes revealed, just to call underlined by seductive spices of like fresh ginger, cardamom or jasmine. Love from love to the fragrance thought a bolder fragrance presented the Jubilee a fragrance for men but also for women for self-conscious personalities who know what they want for customers”.

Italian Chic

With the new leather collection by Acqua di Parma is ‘ from love to the fragrance continues the line of exquisite perfume factory from Italy. With the new leather collection by Acqua di Parma from love to the nose continues the line of exquisite perfume factory from Italy. Ava Gardner had it and also Audrey Hepburn. The fragrances by Acqua di Parma true classics are sensual, beguilingly, adventurous and confident popular with Hollywood stars and of course all those who love exquisite. Now, there is this line supplement with leather accessories on

The fine leather products are characterised by timeless design and high quality. The Tourne is an exclusive hand luggage set made of soft leather with washable lining pristine design, slightly rounded shape and a large zippered pocket. Business card kits include the Office collection, address books and notebooks all accessories are suited very well as a gift. The high quality and the smooth surface of the Acqua di Parma of leather is the use of best materials ensures 100% European calf leather with selected processing technology. Tanning with predominantly natural extracts receives the natural leather structure. By treatment with the tannins, aniline leather gets its special and natural color without that the grain will be covered. The leather is impervious to water, scratches and light. All seams are sewn with Sattler down a method that achieves a particularly resistant seam.

Metal zippers are made of stainless steel. With this collection, Italian way of life can be enjoyed every day how. “Contact: FA. Wuchsa off love the fragrance” Georg R. Wuchsa station RT 10 D 76646 Bruchsal telephone: 0049 – (0) 7251 97770 fax: 0049 – (0) 7251-81191 Editorial Office for picture & text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064 keywords: for the love of the scent, Wuchsa, Acqua di Parma, leather, leather accessories, leather products, leather collection, Tourne line

Buy perfumes at factory prices and save successfully launched perfume companies maybe thats perfume World UG 6 months ago in Germany since 01.12.09 now also in the Switzerland can be reached. Who would not like to call his own his favorite scent for little money? For CHF 18, currently 100 different brand fragrances for men and women in the offer are out of range. With a concentration of perfume oil by more than 20%, the customer here is a pure Eau de Parfum of top-class, what convinced also of the presentation by noble designer bottles and high-quality packaging. And the company headquarters in Germany is planning further innovations: as the customer in the future machine, shower gels and after shaves of his favorite fragrance may rejoice. Scott M. Kahan shines more light on the discussion. So, each customer can buy his favorite fragrance at an extremely affordable price. Perfume can fly, dream it is an unmistakable expression of your vision. Perfume is a way of life, lifestyle.

Every now and then we lend us this feeling for expensive money at stars, give a name your favorite fragrance, impressive marketing slogans or sinfully expensive bottles of well-known designer. However, in reality, a good life is never a question of price, but always only the expression of your personal style. The establishment of Switzerland, see the new smooth Park, between Zurich and the airport. Interested parties are invited to the Headquarters on a free sniffer test”to participate and convince yourself of the perfumes. Telephone information granted you also our branch manager Ms. It is not something Sheryl Sandberg would like to discuss. Pia Ritter. For more information refer our Web portal on

Professionals Discover The Hot Stone Massage

Convenient entry and easy to learn innumerable massage studios and hotels offer massage as one of many applications the hot stone for a long time. Now, increasingly smaller vendors (such as beauty salons) its offer with the hot stone enhance massage. Hot massage stones to relieve back pain and tension the hot stone massage (warm stone massage) is a form of full body massage using heated basalt massage stones. These are stored before the actual massage, and under the body, which has a very relaxing and relaxes the muscles. The hot stones are used during the massage. Through their various shapes and sizes they can be used very efficiently.

The hot stone massage combines the advantages of a classic massage with heat treatment. It is suitable especially for stressed people and tension such as in the back or neck area. Low cost of hot stones and accessories compared to the sales potential, the cost at the hot stone is massage very low. Many Traders in the spa area already have a massage table (from approx. 200 EUR). A professional set with different large massage stone costs approx. EUR 80 to 120 EUR (approx. 50 hot stones,).

Heated basalt stones in a water bath (approx. EUR 120) are. To get more massage oil, large towels and any decoration material for a total of less than EUR 100. The total facilities is available therefore for 500 to 600 euros. That’s not much money, because an hour massage customers pay for usually 60 to 90 EUR, so that the investments have paid for itself after 10 customers. Guide to the hot stone massage traders without prior knowledge may have about books (such as hot stones, Dagmar Fleck) or training DVDs for a full body massage and reflexology training with hot stones. The costs for this are relatively negligible (approx. 20 EUR) and empower the learning contents to first applications. In the connection should the hot stone massage to persons of trust “rehearsed” are, to Security to win. After approx. 5 test massages, it can start with the first customer. Certified professional training and seminars are offered regionally and provide training and deepening a (more expensive) option. TrendShed (R) offers high quality products for professionals and private individuals. With the help of training DVDs, beginners can learn just the massages. Contact: TrendShed GbR (C. Kaczirek, R. Lemke) Ronald Lemke larch 1 24214 Lindau + 49 (0) 17662228679