Primer Boat

The primer boat / transportor Poseidon II fishermen always ourselves as objective the lance long distance even admitting that you weigh them many times they are usually close to the shore, however, it is true that how much farther they are larger and live more peaceful, being easier to stand up to his cunning that shows a fish of certain age and considerable dimensions. The problem but to go further have to solve a problem solved in part by the quality of the modern equipment that we now have at our disposal, for example, extra heavy duty carbon rods with actions able to launch 200 grams of weight to unthinkable distances years ago. But clear the weight of the ballast is not decisive to achieve greater distance, especially when we speak of a lance of fishing, and is that to greater weight greater volume, and how much more volume more resistance, hence many fishermen will have specialized in techniques of launch, well with the lance side or tilting, looking for lower weight and volume, in exchange for giving more speed output to lead and to the bait. This is the secret, there is no other, and surf-casting, continuing with the examples, is common to get 200 metres away with a ballast of 100 grams more bass line and bait, thanks especially to this acceleration of the rig and at the fastest speed that takes almost double a normal lance travel. This, applied to the River is possible, but then we ran into excess weight for bait, rigging, ballast and groundbait. At the beginning there were no major problems because fishing was nearby and was raged by hand, throwing great balls of groundbait and years later came the catapults, these shooters capable of throwing meatballs 100 and 150 grams to d 100 meters distance. Even so, it was difficult to make a lance and achieve the rig fell alongside the groundbait. Learn more at this site: Southwest Airlines.