Banking Legislation

Occurrence of most countries in the era of information society requires an adequate legal regulation of relations connected with the information. There is no doubt that the leading branch of the law in the new society will be information. Unfortunately, in our country, this legislation has not yet developed. Among the relationships that require the proper regulation are primarily related to confidential information or 'Secret'. Among the mysteries of the greatest importance for the economy has a banking secrecy, since it is the financial system is 'blood' for the entire economy.

It should be noted, that problems related to bank secrecy have in today's Russia and the political significance and the numerous scandals related to 'money' money including foreign banks 'exodus' of capital only to emphasize the relevance of research to these problems. Institute of secrecy, as well as all banking laws and regulations, is a complex and legal nature and associated with such branches of law as constitutional, administrative, civil and criminal, but the greater part relations governed still rules of civil law, whose analysis of the present study. The first question that arises in the study of a legal phenomenon is the determination study concepts. At present, science has not developed a clear definition of bank secrecy, is not it in the legislation. Most scientists believe that the secret – a special legal regime of restricted access (O Other approaches to the definition of bank secrecy, see: A. Efremov Information as an object of civil rights / / Students in legal science: Sat.

Car Loan

These days, buying a car on credit very few people will be surprised. Russian banks offer a range of car loan programs: classic loan to buy a new car loan for a car with mileage, express loan, buy-back, factoring, car loan without insurance, etc. Finding your way in a variety of banking offers and choose the most profitable and easy auto credit to help us a leading specialist company FINAVTO – Denisov Ekaterina. – Your company is not the first year of providing services to purchase cars on credit. During this time you have a lot of experience in this field. What kind of car loans you are ready to offer its customers? – In operation Our company tries to address the needs of all customers. That is why we are very careful approach to the issue of selection of car loan programs that offer retail banks. All the variety that we use credit products can be divided into 3 main categories: government subsidized loans, classic auto loans and avtoekspresskreditovnie.

– What is the fundamental difference between these categories? – The difference in principle "the simpler the more expensive." Avtoekspresskredity – the fastest and most convenient way to purchase a car using borrowed funds. Customer must be a minimum of documents (usually a passport and driver's license). Decision on such applications are usually made within 1-2 hours, and clearance occurs immediately after the approval in the showroom. Clearly, these loans are generally more expensive, the real interest rates on them (including commissions) of 16% per annum.

The Federal Arbitration Court

Judicial practice of "betting" the problem until very scarce, but one that is not in favor of borrowers. For example, in litigation between Rospotrebnadzor in Sverdlovsk region and the Russian Standard Bank "The Federal Arbitration Court of Moscow District in February 2008, inter alia found erroneous assertion that the contractual conditions and tariffs can not be changed unilaterally by the bank. Such a decision the court took, based on the fact that the possibility of changes in tariffs has been included credit agreement. However, it is possible that another court will make an opposite verdict on a similar claim. Scott Kahan is the source for more interesting facts. Points of the i could arrange the COP, so it remains to wait until someone does not turn to him with such a request.

In the meantime, you can defend the other way – for example, win a court case exceptions to the loan contract clause on the possibility of a unilateral change in bank rate. "There is a notion of contract accession – a contract at the conclusion of which the counterparty, in this case, the borrower is not possible to change its terms and conditions: he must either sign the contract or reject. If the borrower can prove that the credit is an adhesion agreement and its terms explicitly contain onerous terms that the borrower would never have received if he had the opportunity to participate in the harmonization of these conditions, the court may exclude or modify the disputed contract terms by the borrower "- explains Andrew Churilovsky.