Nova Igua

The questions that it made and that I found that they were pertinent, I looked for to reproduce for the group, being led the pupils to perceive that the questions of them were important in the development of my lessons and that Delany was to be taken in consideration. Ahead of this, I started to be empolgado when seeing a so exponential change. It is important to emphasize that I noticed that until the group started to move. It started to have one interest in air. A professor asked to me: what he is happening with those pupils, in its lesson? I passed in front of the room and them they were compenetrados, studying what you fz? Previously, the maximum notes of Delany were 1,5 or 2,5, had now started to appear 5.5; 6.5; 8.0 and up to 9.5. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. I find that he had improvements notables. Most important he is that he had change in the human behavior of Delany.

He left of being brigona, respondona, started to be to interest for education, at last I find that the education reached this young that today must have 30 years almost. But late I was knowing, that before it bribed until the proper father; an uncle its had killed the proper nephew. E Scott Mead often says this. This age the social context where Delany lived. The context where the activities had been developed all was the classroom. Lessons of reinforcement to Saturdays had been planned, the interested pupils had where participated.

I learned sufficiently with this experience. Professor is much more that instructor. Necessary professor to be a little: father, doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, council member to tutor. At last, necessary professor to be an educator. OBS: I received plus a grateful surprise has one four months behind: When entering in the Frum de Nova Igua, I found a former-pupil seated in a bank. I asked: _ What you are making here, my young? What it answered: it _Estou here, exerting my profession; I am lawyer – it answered, placed the hand in the pocket, caught its card and he gave to me. I find that this is our maximum bonification.

PCR Technique

For the amplifications, they had been used primers OPA-17, OPA-19, OPX-06, OPX-16 and primers tetranucleotdeos (4 AAGC) (GGAC) 3T. The amplified DNA was fracionado in gel of agarose 1.4%, prepared with etdio bromide, in electric field 5 – 1. The bands of the gel had been visualized and photographed under ultraviolet light. The populations of Inga had been compared between itself for the standards of bands produzidos.RESULTADOS and CONCLUSESA RAPD technique allows to investigate variations in the genome being based on the number and size of the amplified fragmentos. Comparing the eletroforticos profiles supplied by marker RAPD in the preliminary results, it was verified that the two groups, previously separate for significant morphologic variations in the fruits, had produced eletroforticos profiles similar, what it suggests to be about species synonymies. As it was not possible to get a satisfactory result that doubtlessly characterized and identified the studied populations of Inga, it was followed with the use of one known technique as SPAR, that generates effective molecular markers in plants and animals (GUPTA et al., 1994).

The amplification, as well as occurs with the RAPD is carried through way PCR and the peculiarity of the technique is the job of an only one to primer with the repetitive sequence of a microssatlite. The difference between the two methodologies inhabits in the sequences white of the starters. While the RAPD uses to primer that it was drawn without aiming at, a priori, the amplification of determined segments of the genome, technique SPAR amplifies the region that intercalates two blocks of microssatlites. Consequently, the result of the SPAR can be interpreted as a mapping of microssatlites in the genome of the studied organism. Primers SPAR with tetranucleotdica sequence if has shown efficient in the production of polimrficos standards informative intraespecficos (GUPTA et al., 1994) and interespecfico (FERNANDES-MATIOLI, 1999). Of this form, the SPAR technique, would be important in the identification of the one or fragmentos exclusive of an only population, disclosing with this degree of molecular polimorfismo of the individuals.