Given the continuous information victims, Bellavista DIVINCRI carried out an operation in different canteens located in the area of Carmen de la Lengua in Callao, in order to confiscate the deadly drink that is offered at a value of two to four suns. The People reported as follows: Brindis cursed. A dangerous liquor made with methyl alcohol, killing four people and left brain-dead to another, the last weekend in the district of Carmen de la Lengua, Callao. There Phishing in all areas: educational, second-hand cars, cashmere for men, shoes, etc. Let's see what we learn Wappy Magazine Blog. The term "Phishing" refers to fishing, and transferred to the world of the web is a crook fish to their victims by striking juicy "bait." This person stops in several places striking deals that would be very difficult to not pay attention. In this case put new or used cars at prices far lower than it really worth and description have of it is a sale "cheap" by necessity to dispose of the vehicle on an urgent basis, for reasons of travel or the like. "As the scam? The type of fraud is that the seller, requesting an advance payment, not very high, to carry out the process of shipping or other activities prior to the sale.

When an eager buyer, agrees and makes the transfer of money supply mysteriously disappears from the auction page. And we can not get in touch with the alleged seller. Why this type of scam works? The seller that you are excited to acquire these very expensive vehicles for less money and also to bring the transaction to proceed, we request a cash advance significantly lower compared with what they have to pay for the vehicle.