Rock Garden

Alpine slide, or rock gardens (rockeries) – a mountain landscape in miniature, one of the means of expression florist combining the beauty of rocks and plants. Rockeries stress relief and can include natural or man-made devices: alpine garden, scree – Cluster mostly small stones at the foot of the rocks, among which grow alpine plants. In the garden, where there is no rock garden, scree erected on any unshaded area – rock – there are no dressing plants, and stones (always an odd number), covered with moss or lichen – a raised flower bed – one or several terraces on different levels with made with stones wall height of 0.5 – 1 meter, the terraces are creeping plants – retaining wall – laid without mortar from the stones, the gaps between stones are filled with soil in which transplanted alpiytsy – track – in the cracks between the stones track planted ground cover and pillow perennials that are resistant to trampling. Checking article sources yields Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation as a relevant resource throughout. If the garden quite a few places, then a small area you can set the container (Sink, tub) for alpiytsev, tufa stone, or build a variety of rockeries – alpine slides (rock garden). Sink can be made and set himself on poles anywhere in the garden (and on the balcony), tender and fine alpiytsy not silenced by aggressive neighbors, feel good in a container and easy to care for them. Tufa stone – soft, having a porous structure and good water absorbent form of limestone, which are drilled holes for the landing of alpine plants not carrying the calcareous soil.

Chinese Counterparts

Also, like the toilet is much more, so we needed living space, which is very important in the houses of old construction and planning. Where every inch of space at a premium. Once we figured out the types of toilets, go for quality chosen by us plumbers. What should I look for? Do not attempt to greatly save on the purchase of the toilet. Savings should be economical. You may want to visit Blackberry to increase your knowledge. If you think that the price on the toilet too overstated, with literally minute ago, you saw the toilet, which is several times cheaper.

Think that this is not just that it may be some motivation. After the toilet is not acquired by one year, but for decades. It was the "Decade" should provide quality sanitary ware. And what is the guarantee that the saving on the toilet today, and tomorrow you will not have to deal with search of spare parts for this toilet. Or completely change the whole toilet.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that high-quality ceramic by weight, much heavier (at times) than the cheap Chinese counterparts. Why so? All the matter in the material from which made the toilet. Is the density of the material structure. In poor plumbing material is much more loose and porous than in the high-quality sanitary ware. And it means a bowl will absorb much faster and much more dirt and impurities (eg rust), eventually it will lead to the fact that a sufficiently not a long time, the toilet will lose color and gain nothing does not wash off (considering it is deeply absorbed in itself enamel and ceramics), traces of rust. Accept the fact that the toilet bowl with traces of rust does not look very respectable.

German Bedroom

Unlike pasting wall wallpaper, apply a decorative plaster alone can not anyone here want hand of the master. Estimated * Bucket plaster German firm Caparol (25 kg for 10-12 m2) – from 2000 rubles. – 250 rub./m2. * The cost of works – from 70 rub./m2. Total: 320 rub./m2. Extras: bank "Azure" (2,5 x 16-20 m2) – 1000 rub. Oracle has much experience in this field. – 62 rub./m2. Of flavor and color is traditionally believed that finishing the bedroom more appropriate color quiet tones and small figures.

But most importantly that the colors match the mood of the bedroom and the owners allowed them to tune in holiday. Anna Borisenko, architect of psychological comfort: – Colour in the bedroom can be any, as long as the owner felt comfortable there. Leading position in many of the bedrooms share the blue and beige color. This is perhaps the two most win-win option. The blue color in itself causes a feeling of peace, even some sadness.

Gentle. By the same author: Oracle. Cool. Able to reduce pressure and relieve stress. The color blue – calm, calming, relaxing. It distracts from the cares and brings slumber, enjoyable life. This bedroom suit melancholic people either located in meditation and reflection. Black and white or just white scale (with by bringing bright spots of color and light) suitable for people ascetic or prefer modern styles. Green has a calming and relaxing effect. He is cool and refreshing. All shades of green are neutral and helpful. Green is hard to permanent contemplation, so it must be mitigated over the warm tones such as peach.

Pleasantly Break

What we know about the tapestries? Most people will answer this question: "These are woven mats that are hung on the walls of which make bedspreads, curtains, cushion covers for decorative pillows. And still frame limits, as painting. " Is that all methods of using such a refined decor items? Of course not! It is only common ways. Unfortunately, most people are accustomed to thinking in the framework of established rules. So even think can not derogate from them. Meanwhile, the best design solutions are based just on the retreat from the accepted norms and even to their violation. So, forget the rules and place the tapestry there, where nobody expects to see such as a ceiling.

Imagine that on your ceiling will be a chic abstract pattern or woven pattern of the Renaissance. It is possible that your hobby will be lying on the couch and peering ceiling. Of course, this joke. But the tapestry on the ceiling will be really elegant look. It will create a room atmosphere of coziness and warmth. Of course, putting a tapestry on the floor it would be blasphemous. But this idea has the right to be. David Fowler may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

In any case, the classical sofa with tapestry upholstery, or pillows will be well combined with a unique woven ceiling. Before you buy gobelin fabric ceiling, consider how you will attach them. The method of attachment may depend choice. For example, the need for gluing cloth with special impregnation, which will not allow product to deform. And if you want to make a tapestry of the suspended ceiling, you need to make sure that the product will stand great tension. For these questions, you can consult with specialists who have in any company that sells tapestries. You've heard that gobelin fabrics cover the walls of the room as wallpaper. Of course, afford it not everyone can. But every person is very pleasant to visit in this area. And it can be on hand to owners of restaurants and clubs, who think what you can surprise and lure visitors. But you can buy tapestries and decorate their VIP-room or even the entire room. Obtain a truly palatial setting, which will appeal to all visitors. And if there is a possibility, then we can decorate the entire restaurant! AND if the rumors about innovation go around town, and people reach for in an institution. But to return to home decor. Imagine, for example, will look elegant coffee table, table top is upholstered in tapestry. And so you can update even the old table with wooden legs. This idea is perfect for the office in which there is a place for relaxation and informal conversation on the couch or in chairs. Gobelin fabrics will look great and the wardrobe. And you can upholster their full cabinet door or make a paste of the tapestry. The same applies to interior doors. And gobelin picture can be attached to glass inserts in the doors. On the one hand, they will look like paintings, and the other will be slightly show through frosted glass, while most ordinary glass is also appropriate. Finding new ways to apply gobelin tissues can be permanently. They are suitable for the backs of chairs, and to create gazetnits, and to decorate tables … to create extraordinary interiors, you only need to buy a tapestry and not be afraid to experiment!

Choose Office Doors

How do we relate to the door? Do not notice them when they are opened, swear, when they are on the contrary, do not want us to start up, but with a great pleasure to open a brand new modern doors and take a pen in disgust of the old shabby. It turns out that door still arouse in us any sense. If so, then the door should be paid a little attention. Let's say you're going to open an office. The first thing that catches your potential customer's eyes – is the door appearance which indirectly affects his perception of you, your office and your business as a whole.

The entrance door to the office to be different in design, harmonizing with the overall facade of the building (or vice versa, contrasting, depending on your goals or simply executed in the corporate identity), their functional affiliation (the door to the bank and the door to the hotel is a fundamentally different kinds of doors), durability, accessories (closers, handles, locks) and material. In the manufacture of office doors have surpassed all the Finnish master. Due to its (mostly) cold rigorous design, Finnish office doors combine all of the above shades. In addition, the Finnish doors have the best ratio price – quality, comparing favorably to those of its direct competitors (Italian). And the ease of installation (Finnish doors as fitted in the sale of furniture and holes fasteners) and standard size (height of the box – 210cm, thickness – 9 cm), corresponding to native, more tips the scales toward the choice of the Finnish manufacturer of doors. Choosing front door, fit right take care of selecting the interior.

Interior doors, as well as the input, just differ in functionality, design, etc., as input. For example, choosing a door to a bathroom, should be guided by the fact that this premise with the increased humidity (unlike, say, from the office). Installing a door is as different from installing the door to the room. In bathrooms installed ventilation exhaust duct in order to provide fresh air, between the door and the floor must remain large gaps, for example, than in the director's office, which has already installed the door with a high level of noise reduction and minimum gap. Finnish manufacturers take into account and such trifles. Finnish plumbing doors are equipped with all necessary fittings and are made in accordance with the objectives of such doors may be either hinged or sliding doors. It remains to recall that the fake door on the market abound. The Finns put the stamp of the manufacturer at each end of the door frame. Company ADV-Trade offers Finnish doors Chertanovo. Using materials reference to. required.