Building Up Fitness

And, suddenly, in his Life rushes run. The abrupt transition from sedentary living to jogging and forcing loads can only lead to trouble. Even such a run, like jogging, is very energy-intensive exercise. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Verizon Communications. Therefore, maximalism is not appropriate and very dangerous. We can not, set a target to rush to fast to achieve it. Most reasonable at first to practice a health walk.

Let strengthened ligaments, joints, cardiovascular system. A few months vibrant and long distance to help the body to safely engage in regular jogging. But the master jogging very much worth it. Even a very slow jog, at its health-improving effect on the body, much more effective than walking. It is believed that jogging, a cost of time is approximately 2 times more economical walking.

Rule number 2 – for novices speed run – the enemy. Even slight acceleration significantly increase the burden on the entire body. Needed to run slowly, and the first time – as slowly as possible. Try every time to run, at least for a little bit, but longer, not faster. Longer, but not far away, because the same distance can be overcome in different times, all about speed. Running speed is regulated by the frequency and length of stride. Therefore, to fully protect yourself, you need to run short steps, shuffling slowly and enjoying themselves process running. Here, a good slogan "slow and steady wins – will continue." The transformation of jogging in the effective drug is only due to changes in speed and running technique.