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Endless unsuccessful attempts to use a variety of advertising to attract customers left a bad feeling in my soul. There is a certain disappointment and questioned the effectiveness of advertising. There was a distrust advertising agencies and their staff You know the feeling? And why is this happening? Is it time to tell the whole truth about what needs to be advertising. The first postulate. Advertising is only effective when the income from sales at higher than the cost of such advertising on it, ie, advertising must sell! sell, not entertain! The second postulate. Advertising should convey to consumers a message that what is unique about the product. Click Sheryl Sandberg for additional related pages.

Why buy it your product and not some other? And it was you and not your competitors. And what is your competitive advantage? If there are no benefits, you have to compete only in price, and this is the path to ruin. The third postulate. Advertisement should be unobtrusive! It should appear at the moment when the client himself wanted to find information about a product or service and at the place where he is looking for her. Here then, advertising is very useful! In other cases it is just annoying and even infuriating, or to stress. The fourth and final postulate. Marketing, including advertising should be the responsibility of the firm. Would not you bigger and better all know about the goods and services? Would not you agree solutions and determine pricing? Only you and decide who and how to work on the development of your business! And now you're ready to learn the formula of effective advertising? "Marketing" site + Contextual Advertising = New Customers! Is not that happiness is a businessman? And that's what the 'sell' the site and how it is done, you can find only here! However it will be interesting and useful only to those who need a client

Lego Name

True, it should be noted that the proper agency neymingovoe Frenkel safely burned, after which were born of his book. In "Naming" Frenkel you will find no more secrets of the mastery, but simply a fascinating product. "Trademark: How to create a name that will bring millions of Henry Charmessona – is Naming-designed theory, confirmed by a number of real examples. The book gives specific methods of creating strong names, full of helpful tips and clarifies the meaning of some terms. "Brand" – is practical textbook naming.

But Charmesson warns: to become a professional Neymer, enough to know the "bare" technique to be highly educated, to understand the linguistic and marketing know languages, a sophisticated logic and creative thinking. "Brand" Charmessona very convincingly demonstrates how important and difficult is the naming and why for the good name of the company are ready to lay out hundreds of thousand dollars. The book by naming a famous French linguist and writer Bernard-Ghali Brand. Birth name. Encyclopedia was first published in Paris in 1997 and enjoyed great success.

It talked about the origins of more than six well-known brands: Cadbury, Danone, Knorr, Reebok, Scotch, Todd's, Coca-Cola, Lego, Volvo, Canon, Sony and many others. These names of famous brands alike are written, it seems pronounced in all languages and have the same meaning. Many of them have already become a household word, that is the ultimate dream of every name, claiming the title of a successful brand. Bernard Ghali, in his study clearly illustrates the following fact: the successful naming can bring millions of owners, while as an unfortunate brand often leads to market failure.

Advertising Costs

As a result, reducing the cost of advertising and information support, the company has gain very little, but it overlaps the source of potential revenue. Judge for yourself. Ron O’Hanley: the source for more info. The number of potential clients now, undoubtedly, decreased, but they have not disappeared entirely. Anyway, people need housing: Who is changing, sells, buys, someone wants to invest in real estate free money, part took a wait – the monitor market and watching the development of events. Cease to advertise – this means to stop giving information about your projects and services, which means that you no need to call even that reduce the number of customers who remained on the market. Topics Thus the company actually refuses to and from the possible sales.

In the worst case loss of the company from the information field may suggest that she did not survive the crisis, and collapsed. This is equivalent to as if Would you shut the window, when the room is stuffy – so valuable the air from the room without going outside. Although clear to all that air through the window from the street walked into the room. In my opinion, it's unconstructive position. Much reasonable to consider how better to promote the facilities and services in a crisis. Cost optimization of the second variant of Conduct – a rational response: to try to increase its presence in the information space, or at least keep it at the same level in order to capture the remaining customers. Interestingly, the presence can enhance the information even while staying within the previous budget.