Strategical Planning

It has many companies in the market, who exist but she does not have conscience of its corporative mission. Others, already are in the market have some time, but they do not obtain to be competitive and lucrative. This many times is fruit of the intuitiva opening of a business, that at the beginning obtains to remain itself with reasonable sales, but with passing of the time it is not remained sustainable. is at this moment, that the entrepreneurs try to search a solution to re-position its company of competitive form. To equalizarmos the concepts, the positioning is the identity of the company.

It is the form for which its image and reputation are recognized in the market. It is the institucional strategy that its company adopts recognized and to be remembered as reference in the mind of the consumers. It is the strategical positioning that generates value to its mark. The reposicionamento of market is realinhamento and analysis of the current strategies adopted by a company, who has interest in if becoming more competitive being able until moving of white market, to use to advantage new chances or files of market or to review its form of performance that many times is not generating the waited returns, where it searchs to develop strategies with competitive differentials to fidelizar and to attract new public. Through reposicionamento strategies, marks forgotten for the consumers or without great expression, are revigorated and come back many stronger times and to make a new history.

Former: Havainas, Hering, Pepsi, amongst others. So that this reposicionamento is efficient, she is necessary a study deepened in such a way internally the organization, how much in the external environment, the market. She is necessary to go deep the knowledge of main players of market and to rethink the strategies of the short organization, medium and long run.

Management Models

INTRODUCTION When verifying in which bases the resume of the Administration is based, perceives where closely on it is the paper of the professional with the search of the perfectioning. Such perfectioning, seen to the eyes of who takes decisions in a company, reflects the process of theories that had been passed to it. in this question that we anchor in them, when searching where the management models had been being formed and perfected. For this, we adopt the research based on Taylor to analyze the Administration as science, basing our referencial. To complement this vision we use Bruno and Saccardo, of which we include referring arguments to the management ways. Naira Pencil assisted showing the historical context of the evolution of the administrative theories. Alves and Liker had complemented the transformation of the taylorista model until the toyotista model. The article tries the communication of the sproutings of the theories pointing out them in a historical context.

To follow, they are presented as such models had been if molding to other types of company, placing some critical points of the management models. A new retaken vision or one in the essence of the theories of the administration with bases in these models is an experience that always must be stimulated. With this stimulaton he was that this article seemed to be useful to publishes academic to it, leading to the light of the scientific knowledge. 1. SPROUTING OF the 1,1 MODELS Taylorismo the Taylorismo was created at a moment that had extreme necessity of standardization of the operations. We cannot take off the merit of Frederick Winslow Taylor, when it divulged in the United States the Principles of the Scientific Administration who obtained to perfect the productive process having as idea the reach of the excellency in ' ' better time, in best maneira' ' (PENCIL, 1993). In accordance with the book above referenciado? Principles of the Scientific Administration, optimum method of if managing a company are through called science Scientific Administration.

Functional Analysis

A methodology for increase of the creativity technique the TRIZ receives the name from ‘ ‘ teoria’ ‘ because in the truth it is a set of concepts, methods and tools. As result of the tenacious work of Altshuller its creator, today ‘ ‘ box of ferramentas’ ‘ of the TRIZ it encloses: – Concept of Idealidade, Use of Resources, Functional Analysis, Inventive Table of Conflicts Technician and Principles, Principles of Separation for resolution of Physical Contradictions, Analysis S-F (Substance-Field) and System of Solutions Standard, Laws of the Evolution of Technological Systems, Database of physical, chemical effect geometric, ARIZ (Algorithm of the Resolution of Inventive Problems). In the concept of Idealidade: For a real product, the harmful effect are one ‘ ‘ taxa’ ‘ that we pay to be able to usufruct of its useful functions. But, in the limit of the relation infinite idealidade we have the ideal product: that one that never fulfills to all the useful functions and fails, not polui, does not weigh nothing, some does not occupy space and not cost nothing. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out David Rogier. That is: the ideal product carries through all the functions, but this does not exist! This is one of the strong points of the TRIZ, taking in them to think outside of the conventional, to leave mental inertia. For meeting of the idealidade of the product if uses the operator of the TRIZ the RFI? Ideal Final result, derivative of the idealidade concept.

One of the axioms of the TRIZ is of that an evolution of the systems exists technician. In the technology, evolution is a relatively recent study, differently of what it occurs in biology. However, if it cannot wait a direct parallel between technological evolution evolution of the species. Systems technician inexist independently of the humanity (or other beings with creative abilities of devices), in contrast of what it happens with the beings livings creature.

Electronic Commerce

The electronic commerce continues in growth in the Brazilian market. The Netshoes, specialized in esportivos articles, is a test of this. The sector got increase of 26% in the country in the year passed, if compared with the year of 2010. A survey carried through for the Brazilian Chamber of the Electronic Commerce disclosed that only in 2011 Brazil collected about R$ 18 billion. New notice on the market revelram that the sales online had grown 35% no longer first month of 2012 in relation the 2011. According to given of the Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce three million Brazilians they had almost carried through purchases for the Internet only in first the two weeks of this year. Of beginning, the strategy of the biggest virtual store of the country was to offer the biggest possible number of products, of some categories. (Source: David Fowler). Today, the newness is that the segmented retail market has broken each bigger time of the success of the electronic commerce.

The Netshoes, company specialized in esportivos articles invoiced, in 2011, 600 Real million, almost becoming thus one great movimentadora of the sector. In 2010, the company was enters the most had access of the electronic commerce. In the total, they had been almost 6 million accesses. The Netshoes is in constant growth in the niche because it bets in initiatives that guarantee the offered product quality, competitive prices, easinesses of payments, efficient stated periods of delivery. With the positive perspectives for the Pantry of the 2014 and Olimpadas of 2016, the company carries through partnerships as, for example, with the Nike, that she aims at to increase the invoicing still more. The plan is for customizar t-shirts of teamses and guaranteeing still more fast deliveries for the consumers of the retailer. The partnership still includes the distribution and the sales of products of Brazilian teamses as the Bahia, Curitiba and Santos. The Netshoes possesss active contracts with the official marks of the biggest teamses of soccer of the country, as the Corinthians, Flamengo, the International, Palms, So Paulo and others. The company, beyond acting directly with the consumer, also gives services to improve the functionality of other virtual store, as she is case of the Topper, the store online of the Hawaiian Globe and the mark.

International Federation

This Norm does not deal with the cases where internal auditors act in the direct assistance of the independent auditor in the application of auditorship procedures. The IFAC – International Federation of Accountants? it is the international Federacy of Accountants, where the CFC is associated member. The NBC YOU the 610 was elaborated in compliance with its international equivalent ISA 610, where it entered in vigor in 1 of January of 2010. Whenever Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union AMCU listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Act CFC n 931, that it approves the NBC YOU the 610, defines the reach of the norm of the following form: This Norm deals with the responsibility of the external auditor (doravante independent) in relation to the work of the auditors interns, when the independent auditor will have determined, in compliance with the NC YOU the 315? Identification and Evaluation of the Risks of Excellent Distortion by means of Agreement of the Entity and of its Environment, item 23, that the probability exists of that the function of internal auditorship is excellent for the auditorship (item A1 and A2). Thus, if the independent auditor if uses of the work of the internal auditor, it must include in its documentation of auditorship, the conclusions reached in compliance with the evaluation of the adequacy of the activities of the internal auditor, as well as the procedures of auditorship executed by the auditor independent on that work in compliance with the resolution of the CFC n 1206 of 27 of November of 2009, and published in the D.O.U., 3 of December of 2009, that he approves the NBC YOU the 230, that deals with the Documentation of Auditorship, in its item 8 the 11 and A6. Another important support is given by the Institute of Internal Auditors of Brazil? (AUDIBRA)? associated to the Institute of Internal Auditor? (IIA), that she is one dedicated international entity to the professional and continuous development of the internal auditor and the profession of internal auditorship. Ronald O’Hanley might disagree with that approach. .


This process of provoked change, in the behavior of the people in direction to an objective, calls learning and learning is the specialty of the Pedagogia and the Pedagogo' '. (GONALVES, 2009, p.03) What one concludes is that still although applicatory the technological advances of the information and its interactive ones in the social nets of the Companies, are of boundary line importance the didactic elaboration of projects and plans with the internal public of the Companies, who involves to all in social relations gifts in approach and cooperation extracting the positive points of the differences. She is necessary to observe that the marketing world contemporary, the Companies molds the merchandise and involves the products of images and particularitities that I call this ' ' fetichismo' ' that it fierce reaches the soul of the man producing a new necessity for not supplied it. The object as instrument of work of the man is linking with the world, that exceeds its actions producing its reflection, transforming the proper history of the man and the society. If relating to the object of construction of the man that becomes it transforming agent of the society where its research and search of ideas and solutions to the environment that the man favors, in its welfare through sources you renewed, also one takes advantage through reduction of costs and one better quality of price of market for the consumers adding other sponsors and an union of new ideas and new enterprising characteristic investments of sustainable form as the Company MR. Promocionais prospect (in annex) that it produces biodegradvel material in substitution of the plastic that takes years to putrefy itself for the nature. In the work market the Companies still are divided for abilities, that are those that produces and those that think, focando mentally ill productions for the capitalist economic system, limiting them in local vision and occulting knowledge of world, that if thinks about future generations, its descent, in the ambient joust, inclusive, igualitrio preservation, and politically correct transforming the producer into intelligence mechanics and not in productive intelligence. .

Consumer Responsibility

The customers need to be guided route to the sustainable development, therefore they will be main the responsible ones for the behavior changes that the retail can try to implant. Mainly, the respect to the consumer must be one of the biggest virtues to be preserved by any establishment. Obscure contracts, inefficient attendance, defective products and politics that go against the principles of the Code of Defense of the Consumer demonstrate the total lack of responsibility stop with its customers. A culture of responsibility with its purchasers and the junction of the visible aspects for society, as the social actions for damages, and those that involve the internal and external customers, can make with that the company, can, at last, be called responsible socially. The enterprise responsibility must be corresponded by the social responsibility of the consumer. The last one consists of the search of information on the impacts of its habits of consumption and of choices worried about the human society, environment and rights.

The consumer also must permanently charge an ethical and responsible position of companies, governments and of other consumers. The government must support those places that they desire to become desenvolvedores of socioambientais projects and this form to a large extent to foment this idea of the retailings. For this, it is essential that subsidies are repassed or same fiscal exemptions to that comes to be deserving. The society needs to know the places that develop these projects to support them even though and, will be the case, to receive the aid in question, therefore the area politics can develop informative propagandas on projects that if even though detach or to create a data base where all have access to the consultation, so that of this form the works for the individuals are recognized that like to know which are the places that really are worried about the future.

World Bank

(GREMAUD, 2002, P. 95). Another definition of development if relates to the process of systematic incorporation of knowledge, techniques and resources in the construction of the qualitative and quantitative growth of the organized societies (World Bank). Oracle: the source for more info. To have a global vision on development, beyond the concept of equitable development, two other concepts are entered into an alliance that if complement: of support that estimates that, when taking care of to the necessities of the present moment, it does not mean a limit to the possibility of the attendance of the necessities of the future generations; participation that understands the participativo development as that one that is defined and guided by means of decisions that englobam all the involved community, since different options of development exist (IPEA, 2006). It is necessary to assure to the future generations the chance to usufruct, at least, the same level of today available well-being. … The last experience suggests that industrialization, the expansion of the agricultural border and urbanization has created significant pressures in the natural base of the economy, either for the sped up use of exaurveis natural resources, either for the pollution and degradation of the ambient quality.

… In this context, the possibility of human development estimates the identification and implementation of trajectories of economic growth that make possible a sustainable development. The human development not only means the development for the people and development of the people, but also for the people. In this direction, it fits to each country to define its strategy of development and, more than what this, to assure that the people, through appropriate structures, fully participate of the decisions and processes that affect its lives. (IPEA, 2006, p.2). On the basis of this speech and launching a new to look at on the social and institucional conjuncture, perceives a change of paradigm, that includes the necessity of joints in net, partnerships, conceptual and metodolgicos perfectionings that they become the efficient movements of the citizenship most efficient and in its paper of the social and communitarian development.


Of this form, she observes yourself that many Brazilian executives who live in the exterior are people who passively do not accept everything what them they are requested, as well as also do not accept the point opposing. Many Brazilians who work outside of the country they had finished if becoming leader for having obtained to place its ideas through consistent arguments e, mainly, for not having had fear to say ' ' no' '. Creativity: the vision is of a Brazilian engineer specialist in analysis of risks of projects that works in U.S.A. for some companies multinationals. Ricardo Vargas perceived that it took some advantages on its American competitors. First that it did not intimidate with auditoriums of other nationalities in English fluente.

Another Brazilian advantage is ' ' paixo' ' demonstrated for the work to be carried through, therefore Brazilian we more are accustomed to deal with crises of what they. (A valuable related resource: Verizon Communications). In the 2008 end, many customers of Ricardo were terrified with the economic crisis that if presented. This Brazilian capacity to survive, of ' ' if virar' ' to decide the problem is very well seen by the foreign analysts. ' ' Brazilian we most are prepared to face the crises of what any another American or European country, a time that they little they are accustomed elas' ' Ricardo said Vargas. The foreigners are completely magic with our improvisation during crisis moments and, to think about the future, can be an excellent exercise that in the light one to make right.

The Brazilian leader of the future believes itself exactly and has one high one to be able of concentration in its goals. They believe its intuition, its feelings and its inspiration. Its ' ' insights' ' (intuition) they are useful to create new products, services or markets. Its feelings are important to involve emotionally its team and, its inspiration, to carry through the dream in a real world. The Brazilian leaders of the future appreciate the audacity, the passion for the stranger and adore ' ' impossvel' '. For them the act to lead is a gratuity for the proper exercise of the Leadership. They love the results in such a way how much the processes to reach them and dedicate to as much time for the spiritual how much the material. The Brazilian leaders of the future if are proud to grow professionally, but if they are more still proud of its team. They have the head in clouds? dreaming high? ' ' the feet in cho' ' , demonstrating the emotional balance of the Brazilian executives who work in the exterior.

Creation Evangelho

Since that the World exists the anxious person or not, has that to cross them, waiting its to develop. LIFE PR-EXISTE TO EVERYTHING Because the life is more than what the food, and the body, more than what the vestments. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP. Further details can be found at Oracle, an internet resource. 12:23. GOD only has the Power to give to Life to the Human Universe and Spiritual. What It cannot make to keep alive all its Creation? TEENY FLOCK you do not fear, teeny flock; because your Father if pleased in giving its kingdom to you. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP.

12:32. Ahead of the Superior Plans, what it is the Planet Land? A teeny flock in the primary age. exactly thus, the Celestial Father, already order until it all its goods. YOU SEARCH ITS KINGDOM You study the Moral Laws of the Master JESUS and the Universal Laws of GOD and will widen yours horizontes, making to grow the longed for goods. You look the Knowledge all, why GOD is Wise and Saint. You work and you will increase your goods, for sustenance yours and to help who not yet it arrived at your state of bigger search. God everything distributes for all its children and is each richer time.

You first search the Kingdom of God and its Justice and all things will be added the material you. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 6:33. This Law of Divine Economy is for being used by all the Human beings. It is this Economy that supports the Universes. EITHER ALWAYS HEALTHFUL Therefore, not inquieteis you with at some future date, therefore tomorrow it will bring its cares, is enough to the day its proper evil. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 6:34. The balance in the primordial search of benesses for the Immortal Spirit becomes healthful any creature.