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Since that the World exists the anxious person or not, has that to cross them, waiting its to develop. LIFE PR-EXISTE TO EVERYTHING Because the life is more than what the food, and the body, more than what the vestments. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP. Further details can be found at Oracle, an internet resource. 12:23. GOD only has the Power to give to Life to the Human Universe and Spiritual. What It cannot make to keep alive all its Creation? TEENY FLOCK you do not fear, teeny flock; because your Father if pleased in giving its kingdom to you. Evangelho de JESUS according to Lucas, CAP.

12:32. Ahead of the Superior Plans, what it is the Planet Land? A teeny flock in the primary age. exactly thus, the Celestial Father, already order until it all its goods. YOU SEARCH ITS KINGDOM You study the Moral Laws of the Master JESUS and the Universal Laws of GOD and will widen yours horizontes, making to grow the longed for goods. You look the Knowledge all, why GOD is Wise and Saint. You work and you will increase your goods, for sustenance yours and to help who not yet it arrived at your state of bigger search. God everything distributes for all its children and is each richer time.

You first search the Kingdom of God and its Justice and all things will be added the material you. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 6:33. This Law of Divine Economy is for being used by all the Human beings. It is this Economy that supports the Universes. EITHER ALWAYS HEALTHFUL Therefore, not inquieteis you with at some future date, therefore tomorrow it will bring its cares, is enough to the day its proper evil. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 6:34. The balance in the primordial search of benesses for the Immortal Spirit becomes healthful any creature.

The Site

Another good source of orientation is the Supervision of Protection and Orientation the Investors of CVM (the Commission of Movable values) or still the site of the Central banking. PERSONAL BUDGET the first item for the elaboration of a personal financial planning is a reflection of the gift, an analysis, a diagnosis that makes possible the determination of the income, the classification of the expenses and its destination. Basically three types of expenses exist: the fixed expenses, the changeable expenses and the arbitrary expenses (superfluous). By the same author: Bernard Golden . Income: she is composed essentially for the monthly incomes of all the sources, main and extra of an individual or its family. If the financial planning will be individual, uses it (s) income (s) of the individual, will be familiar uses the somatrio of the incomes of the individuals that compose the common box of the family.

Fixed expenses: they are those that keep its practically unchanged monthly value. Some examples: schools and courses, rent condominium installment of the house; used; plan of health, safe from life and plan of retirement. Speaking candidly Ch?rl?? Lee told us the story. Changeable expenses: they are paid expenditures monthly, but that they allow variations in its values. Some examples: light, water, fixed and cellular fuel, telephones. Arbitrary and superfluous expenses: more to the desires of the individual of what are related its real necessities. Some examples: theater, park, trips, bars, restaurants. Nowadays many people do not have control of its profits, spend more than what to receive, example: a family has a monthly prescription of 1.000, 00, more as she did not have the control spent 1,200, 00, only looks at, blew up the budget, what she happened in this in case that, this family accumulated a debt and were negative, the prescription that the same one receives in the month is lesser of what the expenditure had an expense above of its monthly profit, will need then to ask for a loan to cover the expense more, and if the same one to continue having a control of its expenses will not be able to have problems futures, with the accumulation of debts and high interests.


In innumerable occasions ' ' jeitinho' ' Brazilian already was sung in verse and chats and to a great extent our form of being, coexisting and to produce directly is related to the image that makes of us in the exterior. But, after all of accounts as it is this peculiar skill? What it makes in them different of our international partners? As the foreigners see ' ' jeitinho' ' Brazilian of being? What he is ' ' jeitinho' '? For some studious of the human behavior jeitinho Brazilian it is that imposition of the convenient one on the certainty. It is the philosophy of that, if he is giving certain, he is because this is the certainty to be made. Since that to give certain means ' ' to decide mine problema' ' , despite not definitively. Read more from Sheryl Sandberg to gain a more clear picture of the situation. But, what this skill of being Brazilian provokes in the career of an executive in the exterior? The Brazilian managemental profile does not pass unobserved in U.S.A. and in the Europe it is for the ad-lib, charisma excess or affection the Brazilian professionals have called the attention the analysts in management.

Therefore, in the truth another side of this exists ' ' jeitinho' ' that they are some qualities very appreciated in the exterior: Solidarity: we are recognized in the exterior for our solidarity and, optimum example of this, is the campaigns of donation of agencies carried through for Brazilian executives who live in U.S.A., in order to keep a bank of compatible agencies for donation in Brazil. Assertividade: it is the behavior that if characterizes for the firmness of opinions of a person; that is, for its positioning in relation the determined subject, with clear positions and consistent arguments.

Agricultural Product

In turn, he is evidenced that the Agricultural Credit, through the CPR, sample that to foment and to fortify the agricultural market does not have to move away the security from the practised prices, and of the guarantee of the commercialization of the agricultural production, since it is anticipated what not yet it was stood, having the incubencies that if apply on such credit to be compatible with the reality of the sector, what until the moment if it shows adequate, therefore in contrast would take in them to the past of the scarcity of credit due to lack of liquidity of the market that if it presented at the time. In fact, the point most significant of the ballot of agricultural product is in the circumstance of that, when creating it, the drawer formulates pure and simple promise to deliver the product in mentioned it in the agreed place and the established conditions of delivery, inside of the specifications of amount and quality also indicated in the heading. In the truth the Ballot of Agricultural Product? CPR? it is representative heading of the promise to deliver, in future date (or either, in the expiration of the bond), the indicated agricultural product, in the specified amount and quality. For even more details, read what Gary Kelly says on the issue. In such a way the Ballot of Agricultural Product if shows a great instrument as form of attainment of agricultural expenditure, and that its success if confirms, for the low costs, for attainment of Agricultural Credit, and great acceptance on the part of financial institutions, banks, investment fund, and even though easiness of commercialization next to bola of values. Therefore, one notices that the Ballot of Agricultural Product is a great instrument of credit with ample guarantee in such a way to the purchaser how much to the salesman who if translates a great easiness of sales for if dealing with sales the term, that guarantees the anticipated commercialization to the producer through the necessary resource to the development of its farming activity, since it can be emitted by agricultural producer as well as for its associations or cooperatives, specified for the product the described term. .

Internet Banking

It is possible to generate economy, greater yield and credibility next to customers and suppliers. To maximize the resulted profits is guarantee of better, backward feeding the technologies with new tools and updates of the used systems already. The companies are growing e, at the same time, reducing its capacity to know and to personalize the contact with its customers. Let us see the tailor, the shoemaker, make products or order to size while great companies retail who produce in high amounts the same products for the great mass. She does not have more privacy with the consumer.

With the growth of the companies a sensible fall in the privacy occurred that these organizations possuam with the consumers. Each time more occurs great fusing in sectors as financial, feeding, communication, drinks, retail. Some conglomerated companies or arrive to possess millions of customers. The banks are a great example: with intention to reduce operational costs and to increase its base of customers they buy competitors of lesser expression. They are used only of the same structure and effectively they bring new wallets for inside of the same organization. In this way the consumers are treated as numbers. He is much more economic and cmodo for a bank that its account holder uses the auto-attendance in electronic boxes, Internet Banking of what it if directs for an agency, therefore will go to demand time of its employees for an actual attendance.

Some of these Organizations think that mass propaganda can be enough to substitute the experience of the relationship with its customers. The value invested in propaganda must the same be invested in CRM, marketing of relationship, call to center, training (in such a way for sales or campaigns how much for the proper development of the collaborators). The vendidos products and offered services are very seemed. Ten competitors can exist the same vendendo product with accurately equal prices. What it will go to differentiate them will be the given attendance. Obviously that & ndash; if the consumer already to possess relationship with definitive company & ndash; the business will be next to being concluded. The companies need to perfect the relationship with its consumers. Each time more exists new products and services with similar prices offered by a number each bigger time of competitors and what it really makes the difference and the privacy of the consumer with the organization. To segment and to define the focus of action directly are related to the success and assertividade of the carried through offers. To plan, to segment and to focar efforts demand investments, greaters costs & ndash; however they increase credibility satisfaction of the consumers bringing bigger yield and profitability for the company. Loyalty is conquered and constructed throughout the time, with relationship directed and planned commercially. This adjective is reached through commercial efforts (long strategies of value aggregation, confidence and exchange of benefits, relation of gain-earn) & ndash; he is much more cheap to keep of what conquering customers & ndash; this phrase in all can be read the parts and it she is very true. To manage relationships is an ability, one dom. Must be cultivated and be stoned, or then & ndash; STUDIED. It thinks about this.

Person Capacity

Being thus, you have reason you will be low a resilience. However not for remembering the facts in recurrent way, but for always attributing to the same meanings they, independent of the time that they already had happened. Resilientes people arrive to suffer preconception on the part from those that do not have this? ability? much developed? (For example: they costumam to listen that they do not bind for the things or are extremely rational) It looks at, my concept of resilience works with 8 areas of the life, that costumo to call models of determinative beliefs, that structuralize the style of life of the person. These models of determinative beliefs, that you could understand as a set of beliefs in one same area, are: the 1) self-control in a situation that is important for that person, 2) analysis of the context that the person is trying, 3) the autoconfiana in its capacity to carry through what it is considered to make, 4) the capacity to conquer and to keep people next to itself to raise the conditions of protection, 5) the ability of being emptica, 6) the capacity of being optimistical and to ahead feed the hope of the profits, 7) the capacity to ripen in the way as to deal with the somatic reactions that appear when the tension or it estresse if they thus become high and to read what if it passes with the proper body and of the other people and 8) to have the accurate sense of valuation of the life, also with a clear notion of indifference of what it so seems to be desired for the great majority of the people. Now she sees, if the person will be very resiliente in all the 8 areas, with certainty, it will be had as boat, methodical e, I would say that, until off.