International Plaza Days

Building citizenship: Do building? In these days, in International Plaza, which joins the cities of Santana Do Livramento, Brazil and Rivera, Uruguay, better known as La Frontera de la Paz, has put into practice a program that’s very commendable objective, the quest for a greater awareness of what it means to be a citizen a way to show what is possible perform when society as a wholeit dumps its potential in the solidarity action towards the less favoured sectors. In the course of these days, citizens can, among many other activities, regularize its documentation, make checks to your health, such as: blood pressure, diabetes, dental clinic, vaccination, etc. as also to perform different activities, all of which are related to their well-being and recreation. It is possible to observe attempts to citizen education through activities aimed at young children: how to be, respect for traffic signals, there the children have vehicles according to their age, where moving in circuits where received theoretical knowledge can be put to the test. Understandably, in these days of intense activity, Queen a festive climate, collective revelry, with lots of music and fun for everyone, with crowded food stalls, many beer for young people and adults, soft drinks and sweets for children, in a Word, the square is filled with people willing to make the most of this meeting to which the authorities have called with the suggestive name of building sovereignty. In those days the plaza looks their finery, full lighting, policing, traffic inspectors, cleaning services, hygienic cabinets, in short, a whole infrastructure that allows adequate attention to an audience that comes to the family and stays long hours throughout the day. During the course of this activity, the citizens who have come with the slogan of constructing sovereignty is they behave in a very particular way, in a blatant demonstration that for them the concept of citizenship is not another thing that an abstract reference, something that is mentioned in the speeches, something that no concerns them, and above all, that nothing forcing them with the environment, at least his own clan, interested in the fun next to yoursthe take advantage of what is offered to them without thinking at all in others. .