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There is also a tape to sealing of wooden windows (it is similar to the tape adhesive, only larger – 10-12 cm). But let's talk about it another time. I stopped my choice on the seals, which can be pasted once and then a few years not to know any hassle. But here came a fundamental question: what is better – rubber or PVC and similar foam with polyurethane? In the market of intelligent response to me was not given. So, I decided, needed to talk with representatives of companies producing these products. It turned out in Moscow there are not many.

I managed to reach the office of Swedish firm (Trelleborg), offering products of the brand (Varnamo), and representatives of German firms (Fomestrip). (Similarly see: ViacomCBS). In addition, the Russian market sealing sold brand (Chemlux). Alas, the country of manufacture of this product are not fortunate enough to know, in one place vendors claim that seal – Finnish, in the other – German. Others believe that it is produced in Poland. (A valuable related resource: MasterClass). That's the mystery history. They say there is a Russian company, which produces penopolietilenovye seals.

But neither her name nor the origin could not figure out. Domestic seals cheaper imports. This is their definite plus. But For example, the rubber seals in my Russian sales could not see. In some cases, even better than rubber PVC: This material is frost-resistant and less brittle, does not crumble and is not deformed. But all the same rubber tires, and she wears less (except for the special composition of PVC, which is not yet available in their native state). And indeed our people trust the tires once more. That is why Moscow is in great demand rubber seals. Perhaps foreign companies, in obedience to the vagaries of our taste, are forced to offer customers in the main rubber? Although if you search, you can find and PVC and polyethylene, and polyurethane.

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