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When most group members broke away from work, I said that we to do next: – Each read their questions, others with their collate and cross out the same issues. I write on the blackboard and on paper is a protocol. On the left side sat a young girl, and I asked her: – You can start with your questions? She refused to fright: – I am a lawyer and a new man at all, just not with me. – Then allow to start with you? – I said to the other end, where he was an important Kronid Markovic. He said sympathetically: – Valery! If I read my five questions, then your whole game to be disrupted. And so he said "your game". He called what happened a game. Apparently involved in orgdeyatelnostnyh games, I thought, and insisted on: – And yet, let's start it with you.

– Very good! – Kronid said Markovic. – But then blame yourself! And he read out his questions, and I wrote them on the board. His "questions" were so clear that I still remember them by heart – the subject of management – product management – goal Management – management – management method. – Excellent! – I complimented the author, though he broke my requirement is to answer questions on the issue. – Go on, please! – I asked my friend sitting next to the directrix of the Supreme vocational school. And she asked a simple human questions: – What is the managing director of vocational schools? – As the managing director of vocational schools? And others, that is, her questions were about the same thing as in Kronid Markovic, but had a more acceptable for the shape of a particular issue, but not the names of headings under which you can put a lot of questions. The strength and weakness Kronid Markovic was just thinking of this monumental basic categories of control Earth's obscuring a specific task.

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