Sunny Prospects For Profitable Investments

Solar energy an investment in the future of solar power prices fall steadily. Currently they have fallen already by 30 percent compared to the beginning of the year 2009. However, a shock was moved now the enthusiasm for solar energy. From 1 July, the legislature lowers the compensation for electricity provided by home owners. The finance portal reported, why the investment in a solar power system is however still a very profitable.

The compensation guaranteed by the State for 21 years for solar power solar power became an attractive option for a profitable investment. Now made reducing the compensation amounts, in the course of this and the following year to continue the profitability of small power plants in question seemed to be. But in addition to the reduction of subsidies for solar electricity for newly-commissioned plants a new tiered fee was introduced on July 1. Thus, homeowners benefit from the consumption of solar electricity generated. In addition to the saved electricity costs, they get In addition by the operators, a compensation for the consumed electricity from own production.

Owner earn per kilowatt hour 3 cents more, thus about they consume the generated solar power itself and not feeding into the grid. Exceeds the share of domestic consumption to 30 percent of the electricity produced, this difference increases to considerable 8 cents per kilowatt hour. Falling acquisition costs, return on investment by domestic consumption and offers of credit for the financing of the installation continue to make solar power an attractive and also environmentally friendly investment option. More information: presse.html GmbH Lisa Neumann

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