I finish the vacacional period, after a month of July, very busy I decided to put the month of August to dedicate me to another thing, this year the summer has been strange, the politicians been have not been silent, nor calmed follow with style of and your but. We are in a society anaesthetised by soccer nobody complaint reason why of negative it occurs in its existence, the resignation has made an impression on the spirit of fight of the society, whose modern idols are strange people, coming from televising contests personal or political scandals and some come journalist unless it airs its loving experiences to matador and wreck by the televisions in exchange for fajos of tickets. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. will not settle for partial explanations. He gives just as you disconnect a whole month to air your neurons, when you return to your habitual routine, everything will be in its site, the politicians in its pedestal, the tails of the INEM every day majors in the door of that one office where they only take care of you in a very brief hour strip. The social dining room continues taking care of a great crowd that has grown for a long time. Everything is in its site, while one clings to the good moments of the summer to bear its own existence.

The press continues being a strange oasis where they make up the excesses of the government and they concentrate in the loss of prestige of the opposition because they know that the rival is weak and no means support to him. Everything follows as always, the divided into dozens society delay to the Sunday or the day that is soccer to take refuge in the television, while the crisis has stopped being an obsession of a few for, to be a crude reality that wakes up to us of the dream of previous years where the consumer euphoria was excessive. The awakener of the crisis sounded and I finish the celebration, now is no money for anybody, although the government makes promises, that know that they will not be able to fulfill. Everything follows like before the vacations but, that if our pockets are empty, everything follows in its place, soon would begin to roll, again past the summer, we will continue living hard moments, where our pockets paid all the excesses committed by others. The resignation seems to be to the unique thing that the citizens of on foot we have right.



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