Stefan Theil

Economic education is education. Economic knowledge is indispensable to prepare young people for the life practice. We therefore need a stand-alone subject economy”, the Executive Board of the Bank Association, Manfred Weber demanded at that time. Wants economic education opportunities, so you must use early. Because only who acquire a solid foundation of economic knowledge as a young man, can build up later.” Also Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consultancy Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf, specialized technical recruitment and outsourcing services sees urgent need for action. For many graduates, economic relationships are Spanish villages. Of course, teachers employ own material. But you can not rely.

If you young people only Market distrust and economic prejudices mauled, then one may wonder if these young people develop later no understanding of entrepreneurship and market risk”, the view of human resources experts. Germany afford a school of anti-capitalists”wrote the Newsweek journalist Stefan Theil for the daily newspaper in the world. “In the school, not the functioning of the market will explain but value judgments about evil Manager” and unfair wages “taught. Theil pointed out the social studies texts used at the time in Berlin and Brandenburg from the Cornelsen Publishing House over three years ago. In the chapter do against unemployment”not learned children that jobs will be created by companies in the sector. Rather, the textbook to describe Monday demonstrations, government spending, as well as the program of the German Trade Union Federation. Other countries be made fit for globalisation. German children are trained in the failed dreams of bygone times”, so Some analysis. Many schools blinded out, systematically, that Germany alongside China benefit the most from globalization.

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