Stefan Pietryga In Mannheim And The Art Karlsruhe 2008

The blue Mallow has become his trademark. Positioned the towering stele, in the countryside or in the Interior, are indicators that lead us to the actual topic of his sculptural work. Report Pietrygas sculptures of volume, scale, rhythm and color effect. His installations rise to space voltages from body to body. The space is included as connecting part of the plastic and gets a new meaning.

The art experience is used also for the spatial experience for the Viewer. The exhibition of new works by Stefan Pietryga is to see box in the Gallery from 12 February to 12 April 2008. The opening in the presence of the artist will take place on February 10, 2008 from 11-16 h. His exhibition in Mannheim such as for the art Karlsruhe, the artist has created a new edition object. The title of bronze casting Ulmer Hocker – 1:6 “(1954), in a 25 Edition (H = 51 cm / B = 9 cm / T = 11 cm) is available, refers to the year of the development of the classic by Max Bill created and own birth year of the artist.

Each copy of the Edition is patinated and colored synthetic and thereby receives a unique character. “On the 5 art Karlsruhe (28.2 2.3.08) is Stefan Pietryga ranked a sculpture (Hall 2 booth C09) his new installation of Mountain King” present. In the work of King of the mountains”(140 x 22o x 385 cm) Stefan Pietryga is composed of by a major fire in the Armando Museum in Amersfoort 8 poplar trees destroyed work the holy place, 2007 apart. In the hollowed-out and the fire of soot-blackened trunk inside, the King oak felled by lightning of capers, a new space, which becomes the new site for the model of the scorched installation is created. Stefan Pietryga is a new metaphoric image of becoming and passing from the story of the tree and the fate of the destroyed installation”to make. The viewer looks through the hollowed-out openings of the branches in the Crown and the round at the foot of the tree in the Interior and learns a dark, like a sacred fire landscape Black charred wood. For the artist, the sculpture group destroyed in Amersfoort in new face has risen again. (F. W. box)

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