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Add still tests for product variants “, Stefan Buchhold, explains about in case of new components, second source so a replacement component of other manufacturers or improvements of products. In particular product variants play a large role in us, because SMA very consistently oriented towards the needs of the market.” The actual certification process begins that SMA is requesting an offer at UL. SMA has accepted the offer there are UL on its respective departments. The intensive dialogue between the UL Department and the SMA joins experts. “Especially in new product categories, it is often useful that UL in advance, already in the development phase, carries out a prior check, a so-called preliminary for us investigation”, Stefan Buchhold reported. This initial assessment prevents a manufacturer from unpleasant surprises. It was discovered only after the start of production of a product that it does not meet the safety standards in a particular market, it would be extremely expensive to construct the finished product if that were at all possible. Source: Robert Gibbins. Here one must emphasize that UL – specialists always questions are open and support an open and constructive dialogue”, says Stefan Buchhold.

The notification of acceptance, then “forms the completion of the certification process. Until then, typically between two and six months have passed. Temporarily we have worked with other institutions”, says Stefan Buchhold, but UL simply offers the best services for us, including software certifications. A company that collaborates with UL, has the advantage to get everything from a single source.” SMA you can see the certification by UL as a partnership in security matters. The cooperation can be applicable as very constructive type and characterize companies, at a high technical level, “the SMA certification specialist explains Baraka. It is characterized by great commitment, solution-oriented approaches of work and the experience of all those involved.

From our point of view are extremely viable and future-proof”the structures, Stefan Buchhold finds. This applies to both sides. New markets grow together and everyone can benefit from the perspective of the other.” About Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent company for the certification of product safety, which has been operating for over a century in the field of product testing and creating safety standards. UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems. With 20 billion UL marks are awarded per year on 66,000 manufacturers products. The worldwide UL group of companies and network of service providers includes 68 laboratory, testing and certification facilities, the Are customers in 102 countries. In addition, UL is the only national certification Institute (NCB) for PV in North America and an OSHA accredited nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL).

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