Steam Power Electrode Boilers

Steam boilers controlled electrode designed to produce the vapor pressure of 0,6 MPa (6 kg / cm 2) and used for heating in residential and industrial premises, as well as for process steam supply agricultural, industrial and household objects. Symbol boiler: numerator – power consumption, kW, the denominator – nominal supply voltage, kV. For example, the symbol CEPD-250 / 0,4 stands for: Electrode Steam Boiler adjustable power output of 250 kW, a rated voltage of 0.4 kV Mains. In a steam boiler heat released during the flow of electric current through water, represents the resistance goes to its heating and evaporation, thus electrode steam boilers produce saturated par.V cylindrical body of the boiler is installed coaxial cylindrical shell with two cameras – steam-generating and Displacement. In the steam-generating chamber is a package of flat electrodes, which in current-carrying studs through the bushing in the bottom of the voltage is 0.4 kV three-phase mains. The water that fills the interelectrode space, forms the active electrical resistance included in the scheme of 'triangle'. The ends of the plate package electrodes are insulated from the outside dielectric plates to avoid unbalanced loads on the phases of the (skew). In the case of boiler feed water with low resistivity electrode system made of three cylindrical rods instead of flat. Displacement and steam-generating chamber are reported on the water at the bottom of the boiler on a pair of two chambers connected only via the temperature controller. Boiler construction provides automatic control in a given mode electric power boiler and, consequently, its steam.



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