STDS Jantz Presents Novel Support Tube Clamp At The Bauma

A real support for drilling STDS Jantz about little operating at the joint booth could not sue STDS Jantz and N.U.B. bauma engineering on this year’s. Among the versatile product solutions the global player in the field of drilling equipment for foundation engineering, especially moved novel support tube support the interest of the exhibition visitors. Hereby, a cased drilling with only a rotary actuator in a single operation is possible for the first time. Constant further development and the search for appropriate solutions bring new ideas along the way. The experienced team of STDS Jantz put these virtues with the development and manufacture of new world Stutzrohrhalters.

The result was successfully presented at the bauma 2010 in Munich: in the cased drilling a boring drive drives with only a rotary actuator in a single operation a drilling screw, which has a drill bit with fold-out cutting. The feed tube is screwed to the new support tube holder. This is rotatable. While the drilling Auger rotates, the feed tube has stopped and is pushed only into the hole. The feed tube is undercut by the fold-out cutting of the patented STDS Jantz Schneckenbohrkrone. With the advance of the Rotary actuator, it can be lowered into the hole. Should the tube once jammed, is the ability to lock the support tube holder by a simple handle with the screw axis. Through rotation, the tube can be then drilled free.

The great advantage of our Stutzrohrhalters is, that the cased drilling with a direct drive in a single operation can be realised also with small drilling devices. Thus is. This drilling process for all jobs that require occasional pipe of bore, especially suitable for example in drilling of garden fountains,”explains Managing Director of STDS-Jantz and N.U.B. engineering, Peter Jantz, and pleased with the great interest at bauma 2010. Resting on the success you don’t want to of course, but in the past thirty years focused on the development of new, customer-oriented solutions for drilling tools continue to work.

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