State Star

You can say, that these clouds are the material raw material for main dish which is the formation of stars. Embryos of future stars found hidden in the interior of the molecular clouds, and only the radio waves and infrared the spectrum emitted by these embryos of stars, through these dark regions visible light does not-, so that with the proper appliances such as space-based telescopes, can interpret the results and develop a theory of star formation to reveal the secret. The birth of a star although the proportion of powder material in the cloud is small compared to the amount of gas, these clouds are so extensive that they accumulate enough mass to generate thousands, even millions of stars like the Sun. The training process is triggered when occurs for any reason, a fragmentation of the cloud, which breaks into fragmentos-trozos, which have enough density -relationship between the amount of mass and volume that occupies – how to start to slowly collapse. This process has not turned back, the fragment of cloud is still shrinking and becoming denser (more mass in less volume), until reaching a value – 20 orders of magnitude greater than the original cloud fragment from which there are already sufficient mass so that it begins to act the force of gravity, making the cloud collapses sinking – under its own weight. Just form the central core of the Star: the protostar, which continues to fall the rest of the fragment of the cloud field. If you would like to know more then you should visit Master Class. As material in the protostar continues to fall, this is set to rotate, expelling turn jets-like geysers-matter great distances and with great speed, making the protostar not turn too quickly, which would lead to its disintegration. Due to this initial rotation, the cloud stuff is preferably deposited in ecuador of the protostar, forming what is known as a disk of matter in orbit around the protostar, and that can be the seed of a future system of planets around it, analogous to the solar system.

This first stage of star formation takes about 100,000 years, and is obscured by the dust in the cloud, not seen, only it can be enjoyed, as he has been mentioned before, radio telescopes (capture the emission of radio waves) or telescopes of infrared, to detect such stage. Later, as the material falls onto the protostar and sheath dissipates, the embryo becomes visible. In a star like the Sun, this happens a million years after the beginning of the process of collapse. After ten million years, the first collapse – contraction by gravity – completed. During that time, the temperature of the protostar has grown enormously, and this temperature is so high that when the collapse is complete, begin to produce the so-called thermonuclear reactions that use as fuel hydrogen which forms part of the core of the Star, making it a heavier element called helium. At this moment we can say that a new star has been born, and that he is in a phase of his life called the main sequence. The star is stable because it is found in a State that is known as hydrostatic equilibrium: the force that pushes outwards – the pressure of power producing nuclear reactions – is offset by the force that pushes inland, gravity.



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