State Budget

In the month following the reference date, calculates the cumulative consumer price index for further indexing. Hewlett-Packard Co. often addresses the matter in his writings. In addition, the reference date are the months in which employee wages have been raised, or raised any payment provided for, ie indexation factor is calculated individually for each employee, depending on the base period for the individual each employee. Automate time-consuming indexing of wages in the enterprise should be conducted on the basis of the basic assumptions of the index described above. Automated System 'Biznes.Personal', designed to automate accounting, settlement and analytic functions in the organization of labor in the company, staffing, and timecard employees and payroll, has arsenal of a mechanism that allows fast and error free to carry out the indexing of wages in enterprises with a large number of employees. The process of automating the indexing of wages in the system 'Biznes.Personal' can be divided into several stages, in accordance with the basic provisions on indexation.

Let us examine them in detail. 1. Input cost of living, acting in a given period. The amount of subsistence minimum associated with a start date of its action, is introduced in the block set of regulated constants – in the form of editing system-wide information. To enter the living wage is necessary to select the tab 'living wage' under 'Installed money' and the standard action 'Add' to enter a new record. At the same time on the editing form A living wage must enter the start date and the amount of subsistence minimum specified in the last adopted the Law on State Budget of Ukraine.

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