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IT service provider ORGA GmbH provides SAP business solution at the Congress of the German trade press against Karlsruhe, 19.05.2008 which Congress of the German trade press this year the motto only who changes remain faithful new business models for journalists”. Includes necessarily”adaptation means to deliver the results that often really satisfying a considerable effort, without concerning existing it. If IT structures, Stefan Ochotta knows about the IT service provider ORGA GmbH. On the basis of SAP products in the field of media, the Karlsruhe SAP industry partner offers a comprehensive portfolio of solution for publishers. Thus, the areas of product development & product costing, manufacturing and inventory management, accounting and media-specific sales processes in SAP can be depicted. According to Barclays, who has experience with these questions.

In addition, the solution enables a fast and flexible adaptation to changed business processes and the inclusion of new areas of business. According to Ochotta, the publishers right triple benefit from the solution: comprehensive by the integrated information management, through high investment security, and by the attractive fixed price. The special feature of our solution is that the package actually contains everything for a fixed price. This includes”not only a powerful solution for the specific publishing processes including licenses, implementation, and maintenance, but also the operation of the solution in the ORGA high security data center, explains Ochotta. More information on the ORGA solution portfolio for publishers on the Congress of the German trade press on 27 and 28 may at the stand of 19 in the foyer of the Kurhaus Wiesbaden. ORGA GmbH specialist for IT service and consulting the ORGA offers innovative SAP solutions and services for industry, trade, publishing and project-oriented service providers. Objective of the ORGA is to increase the competitiveness of its customers.

Therefore the cost effectiveness by systematic optimization of customer processes for all performance offers of the ORGA in the foreground stands: ORGA SAP solutions for the medium-sized media publishers Professional services industry consulting module FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, PS, ESS E-SOA ORGA personal services HCM HCM BPO ORGA consulting document management services AREV (automated invoice input processing) EBP (Electronic Bill Presentment) ORGA IT service remote system management application hosting application management business process outsourcing outsourcing & housing the ORGA is a subsidiary of FIDUCIA IT AG, one of the largest IT service provider in the German banking sector, and can rely on an extremely powerful and secure IT infrastructure. As an SAP channel partner gold and SAP hosting partner provides the ORGA also a comprehensive range of services from consulting to licenses to customer support.

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