Social Security

In the model training bonus, companies have a credit for the continuous training of their workers whose amount is applied to the amount entered for each company the previous year, dues of vocational training. Each company determines a percentage of the total of the fee based on your template, in such a way that the smaller the size of the largest company is this percentage. In any case a minimum credit for all companies, will be guaranteed for example for 2010 minimum training credit is 420 euros. In demand mode, companies may plan, organize and manage a training Plan independently or independent courses, or also hire its implementation at the entities organizers (centers or specialized training institutions). Companies do not have to submit requests for annual training plans for funding, since early each year will have a credit for training depending on quantity admitted to vocational training during the past year dues.

Training plans will be executed with this credit and its cost is deducted from monthly Social security contributions. During 2010, for companies with 1 to 5 workers, it does not have any percentage, but a fixed formation credit of 420 euros per company. Therefore, each company whatever its size, its activity or its location, may use their training credit and choose what training you want to do, with what content, how makes it and when does it, lend it directly, or through a center of studies, or who freely chooses..



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