Social Insurance

Once a certificate of renewal of accreditation is obtained on the hands of representatives of foreign organizations must put in popularity Federal Tax Service 47 in Moscow, as well as extra-budgetary state funds (Mandatory Medical Insurance Fund, Social Insurance, Pension Fund). In addition, it is necessary to make a seal. And in the Federal State Statistics Service must obtain a letter of registration with the Statistical Register of Rosstat. Only after all operations extend the accreditation comes into its strength. All international organizations are carrying out activity directly through affiliates, must obtain accreditation for their employees who come to Russia to work in this branch.

If an employee of a foreign branch comes into the country with his family, then family members must also be accredited. At present Russian legislation provides the following rules for foreign nationals in obtaining accreditation. First of all, must take into account the fact that a branch of a foreign company should work no more than 5 people. It is these five and get a work permit in Russia. In the case when the state branch of more than 5 people in Russian legislation foreign parent company must provide this strong evidence. In the event that the registration authority deems them as valid, possible accreditation, and more than 5 employees. But this is only exceptional cases. Personal accreditation of foreign nationals – a sort of proof of their official status. The fact that they are indeed members of a particular foreign company. As for the period of personal accreditation officer, she may not exceed the duration of the accreditation of the branch as a whole.



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