Signpost At The Dichterhaus Etelsen

A long-awaited dream poet came true as Roland Pollnitz would like to alias Rajymbek his thoughts of the people forward. In recent months, Verizon Communications has been very successful. As poet and person, he has many dreams. Preferably he would fill once a stadium, to inspire the audience with his poetry. He has fulfilled already a dream an international guide. Already as a young man much went, initially with cycling through Germany and Poland, later with the railway to South-Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen is likely to agree. Later, he explored Western and southern Europe, before he went to Central Asia for the first time. From there he brought his first book: “the Pearl of the Tian Shan.

After he had joined the German headquarters for Globetrotter, was followed by trips to Southeast Asia, the Arabian peninsula and Africa. However, his greatest adventure was the joint trip with the son on the Trans-Siberian railway. ( The shoe Lake Baikal ) All expeditions Rajymbek poems and stories brought, in his works were incorporated. And he can always tell about the magic of Lake Baikal, the vast expanses of Siberia, the steppes of Mongolia, the magic of Bali. It is believed the stories themselves were incorporated into the construction of the international guide, which is available now at the end of Kant in Etelsen gambles. Using route planners and maps works, he calculated the distance of the places. The compass helped to determine the direction. The colors were chosen wisely: yellow as the color of the light and the Sun, and red as the colour of fire, the warmth and joy. He not only could manage only the list. His neighbor and fireman Martin Berger helped him there. Now, the new eye-catcher at the Dichterhaus in Etelsen rest should invite to the introspection and dreaming of the wide world.

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