Shopping Mall Adjusts Prices For New Customers In

Change of strategy at Yatego: at the beginning of next year all promotional offers for new customers do not have Yatego. Instead, the trend is promoted and for more safety in the online trading with traders actions. In addition, television advertising is planned. January 1, 2010 at Germany’s leading shopping mall other pricing models apply to all new customers. Most important new feature: discounts, like its premium and professional contracts in the first year of the contract, be omitted.

Also, the pricing for the standard contract will be different in the future. We have built up in the meantime an extensive dealer network”, explains managing director Stephan Peltzer Yatego the change of strategy. Rather than continue to subsidize new contracts, we will invest the funds in new projects.” So a coupon campaign for safe and trustful sale was planned. In addition a considerable leap of media is carried out with television advertising”, Pablo reveals. In the Christmas shopping season can new dealers to the usual terms and conditions Enter. Yatego remains stable until the end of the year 2009, unlike on other platforms. And even though we know from the experience of the last few years, that is to be expected in the last quarter with many dealer inquiries.

We will give all traders who open a shop of Yatego in this year, the usual conditions and discounts”, explains pace. However, we have as a precaution established a provisional deadline to November 30, 2009. We want to ensure that all requests can be honored.” To be fast, worth twice: new customers save 33 percent through the still current prices, provided that they complete the Premiumvertrag time. All dealers benefit duration price guarantee for existing customers of the Yatego rate guarantee which applies since the company founding. Existing customers have in us planning security: keep their original prices for the entire duration of the contract. Because we remain true to our longstanding tradition! “, says Peltzer. So many traders still on the terms from 2003 sell.” About Yatego: Yatego, the largest German shopping mall, is one of around 300,000 visitors to the leading E-commerce portals in the German-speaking Internet. The company offers comprehensive services, high-performance complete solutions and comprehensive technical support. Customers can choose from more than 3.2 million articles. Ordering is easy. Payments are secured by the independent fiduciary payment system, as well as the possibility of payment by credit card.



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