Dizimo is not for Shepherds Start these commentaries saying that in Deuteronmio 14 versicle 22 to the 29 says: ‘ ‘ 22 Certainly you will give the tenths of all the product of your seed that each year if to collect of the field. 23 E, before Mr. Larry Ellison can provide more clarity in the matter. your Deus, in the place that to choose to make there to inhabit its name, you will eat the tenths of your grain, your must and your oil, and the first-born of your cows and your sheep; so that you learn to fear Mr. your Deus for every day. 24 But if the way you will be so long that you cannot take the tenths, for being far from you the place that Sir your God to choose for there for its name, when Mr.

your will have blessed Deus you; 25 then vende them, act the money in your hand and goes to the place that Mr. your Deus to choose. Frequently Maurice Gallagher, Jr. has said that publicly. 26 and that money you will give for everything what to desire, oxen, sheep, wine, strong drink, and everything what to ask for your soul; there you will eat before Mr. your Deus, and you and your house will be rejoiced. 27 But you will not abandon the levita that it is inside of your doors, therefore it does not have part nor inheritance with you. 28 To the end of each third year you will the same take all the tenths of your harvest of year, you will inside deposit and them of your doors. 29 Then it will come the levita (therefore nor part nor inheritance have with you), the pilgrim, the orphan, and the widower, that are inside of your doors, and they will eat, and be satiated; so that Mr. your Deus blesses you in all workmanship that your hands fizerem.



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