This arcane minor of the tarot is a quite positive letter when she leaves exposed in the distance. He teaches the value to us of the anger, the necessity to control the fear in the daily life. Unlike the five of coarse, where a strategy does not exist, in the seven of coarse, the person fights against whom they are against his position. This clearly is expressed in the image of the arcane one: the woods rise threatening. But, it is remarkable that it is not seen anybody brandishing these arms. One talks about then a symbolic opposition. When everything seems to be against one, the seven of coarse remember to us that it is necessary to fight to obtain what one wishes.

The seven of coarse do not insist to hide the fear to us, but to dominate it. It is not question of " borrar" the feelings, but to make with them most advisable and wise. We are speaking to face the fears and to turn them into a weapon to our favor. The fear teaches, and this lets us grow more readier forts and to face the next disadvantage in the way. Like all the letters of the tarot, duality is given by the fear and the anger. In order to have anger it is necessary to be scared first. When this deck leaves in the distance says to him to the consulting one ahead! This one is the moment for undertaking against all the difficulties and for finishing in front with them doing to them. This is the doubt that faced the immortal personage of Shakespeare, Hamlet.

How to define to that force that takes to us to fight against the opposition? And, more especially, to fight or to surrender? The seven of are urgent coarse it to fight reason why it wishes. The seven of coarse teach to him to who consultation that its position is the correct one, invites and it to have confidence in itself, in spite of the great amount of people who try to convince to us otherwise. Although the possibilities can seem insurmountable, this deck says to us that the victory will arrive to him at that better knows to defend, and that he will be hers with running of the time. This is a letter that speaks of the internal value, a much more powerful energy that the physical force. Within the arcane minors of the tarot, the coarse ones have a very powerful energy, that is their positive side. Its negative side is impossibility to control resemblance to be able, which constitutes a challenge for the individual. Original author and source of the article



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