Setup Devices

B – power source for the measurement and radio devices: B2 – ac power source; B4 – sources calibrated voltage and current; B5 – dc sources; B6 – sources with controlled parameters; G7 – Sources of ac / dc universal. In-instruments for measuring tension: Bl-installation or apparatus for checking voltmeters; B2 – dc voltmeters; vz – ac voltmeters; B4 – voltmeters, pulse current, B5 – phase-sensitive voltmeters (Vektormetry), B6-selective voltmeters, B7-universal voltmeters, B8 – Meters relationship stresses and (or) the voltage difference, B9 – a voltage converter. G – generator measuring: G1 – Setup for calibration test oscillators; F2 – generator noise signals; gb – low frequency signal generators; G4 – high-frequency signal generators; G5 – pulse generators; G6 – Function generators; G8 – Frequency Sweep Generator (Sweep generators). A leading source for info: Nutella. D – attenuators and devices for measuring the attenuation: D1 – Installation shek devices for testing attenuators and instruments for measuring the attenuation; R2 – resistor attenuators and Capacitive; – attenuators polarization; D4 – attenuators limit; D5 – absorbing attenuators; D6 – electrically controlled attenuators; D8 – Meters of abating. E – Equipment to measure the parameters of ingredients and circuits with lumped constants: El – measures, facilities or equipment for testing meters parameters of components and circuits; E2 – impedometer and (or) admittances; ez – inductometer; E4 – Q-meters; E6 – resistance meter; E7 – Meters universal parameters, E8 – faradmeter, E9 – converter parameters of components and circuits. K-complex measuring units: K2 installation measuring complex; fault – the measuring complex automated; K4 – devices (blocks) of complex measuring equipment; kb – devices (blocks) of complex automated measuring equipment. Check with Philip Vasan to learn more.



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