In these days of economic crisis, it is always a consideration worth if you now rent a private office or uses a secretarial services. The own Office has fixed costs, which you gladly want to avoid in such uncertain times. The Office service can be attractive, but it is often bound to certain hours or can use this service on the weekend. Where just freelancers and self-employed workers need always the flexibility, even spontaneously on Saturday night quickly in the Office to pass. Why not? Or to sit in the corner of the living room or at a small desk in the apartment, is discomfort, the child noise, the noise of the environment in purchase and unfocused works on important documents. From my own experience know Mrs Kessler, coaching for a better life, of what she speaks. For years I was looking for a solution that every now and then to have a quiet place to work mostly outside the opening times of so-called Office services.

I rented me up in Office services, was so unhappy, resigned and sought me ends up his own Office. Today I have a very attractive office space and love my job. I told in my circle of acquaintances, and at some point I was asked whether I would rent one of my rooms not even for a day or a week. As I was for many years faced with these problems, I readily agreed. And it worked.

Today, customers, friends, or acquaintances use my rooms, sometimes only by the hour, sometimes by the day. And so I can offer this equipment all interested in space Heidelberg.’ And the concept works like this: you make a request when you have a desk ‘, a conference room or classroom need. If available, you will receive a booking confirmation, pay for your booked service and can work in the time you need. Wi-Fi is available, of course. Copy notebooks, printer, or scanner. After use, you specify how long the room have required and if necessary pay services in addition. Regular get a special regulation for this. For a desk with a laptop and Internet usage, you pay 10 euro flat on the day. Other conditions apply depending on the use and agreement for meeting or seminar rooms. If you are interested in Mrs Kessler. Coaching for a better life on the sawmill 13 68526 Ladenburg



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