Secret To Weight Loss

I want to address an issue on which I have received many questions and ultimately can be summarized in one: why when I stop doing one diet to lose weight, recover more weight than you lost? I have dealt with many people who are looking for a miracle diet or product that really works for effective weight loss. Given this I began to further concerns about what happens in the body of a person, year after year, is released to the practice of the latest “fad diet” or use the “revolutionary” weight loss product that has appeared in the market. The first premise has to take into account a person who wants to lose weight is to be well advised on what is a healthy and balanced diet. We also must receive the necessary information from all products you are taking. Visit David Fowler for more clarity on the issue. They must be products that provide the nutrients needed for each case.

Each person has a body with a few gaps and a capacity to respond differently. In studies it was found that people who continually try different types of diet to lose weight in the end, not only to recover again lost more weight, but just lacking in minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are essential to optimal health. One of the ranges that we can find in the market are designed to block fat in the intestine. These products, of course, do not know how to discriminate between good and bad fats. The result is that both are eliminated, but at the same time we are depriving the body of the good fats, which promote the regeneration of cell membranes, among other vital actions.

Another product ranges to meet, act as diuretics. Fluid loss and weight is very important in these cases, reaching sometimes to exceed 3 kilos in one week. But the problem is that the harm they cause is more important than it seems, because there is a loss of minerals that are essential to the functions of our body. The question we must keep in mind is that we are not aware that We are punishing our magnificent body, that despite everything, continues to resist and unspeakable suffering. In addition, restrictive dieters stay motivated only an average of 6-8 weeks until your willpower is depleted or until your body suffers. It then begins to require food which has been deprived and then recovery occurs weight loss, plus an extra amount, which we call “safety” and that in most cases between 20 and the additional 30%.

Although it may seem paradoxical, focuses on the reverse. It was found that there are regulatory mechanisms of weight. But these do not act the right way, until the body has not found that functionality no longer endangered or survival of the latter. A fundamental rule for weight loss is to preserve health above all else. In the next article we will see what tools we can use to maintain fitness and optimum health. And as the agency is responsible for regulating body weight, once you have satisfied their basic needs.



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