Sandy Tudhope

It is evident that it is not science who is belies, but some of his devotees by best that they are considered. On one occasion, at a Conference, on 29 October 2005, commented that science is infallible, scientists, no. He was not crazy I give them, as an example, the revolutionary concept of the British scientist Sir Gilbert Thomas Walker * 17 (1868-1958), with its Oscilacao Sul or Gangorra intriguing. His discovery changed the understanding about the effects of El Nino, on planet Earth. Despite that, it was immediately rejected by his contemporaries. However, at present, in the opinion of Dr. Sandy Tudhope * 18, University of Edinburgh, in Scotland, the incredible thing about the work of Gilbert Walker is that he was one of the first people in the field of meteorology who thought big; that joined the patterns of time from different continents. () Their ideas were criticized at the time, because people * 19 did not understand that the weather and climate of area could be linked to another part of the globe, and really that harmed you.

* 20 were many ironies suffered by Gilbert by their colleagues. However, later confirmed that he was right. The climate of our ORB itself was unstable, as all conclude today. Walker had nothing to crazy; the others were those who were incompetent. Well, who determines that truth is true? The researchers, that tomorrow will be rectifying its concepts coming to consider clause petraea, or humility required by wisdom? Erudition, when really it is accompanied by extensive experience and modest spirit, never rushes to the truth, does not accept dogmatisms nor suggests that science reached the apex of its mission, including the fact that human beings did not still use significant part of their mental capacity. The island cannot evaluate, in its entirety, to the continent. Nobody is dictator of knowledge * 21 with regard to the spiritual life, in my book chronicles and interviews (Editora elevation, 8th Edition, p.



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