Sales Master One Business

This module joined several products in the Sales Master One family, to be able to have a platform specific, effective and integrated: Sales Promo, for the optimal management of promotional campaigns; Sales Planning, to maximize the volumes of sale and commercial investment planning; Sales Force, to coordinate the sales force in the territory and Sales Execution, for the effective control of the points of sale. These solutions are perfectly integrated with the ERP (SAP) and with the Business solution adopted by Galbani group Lactalis Italy intelligence. Involved distribution channels will be large-scale distribution, the normal trade, and foodservice. It is a project of considerable size express Giuliano Tosi, the project manager at group Lactalis Italy and will involve many people in our Organization: initially about thirty central and close to 180 in the field, with different hierarchical levels, which will join other 120 in the course of the year, working in activities related to contracts and promotions. There are many benefits that group Lactalis Italy expects from this small revolution: an important reduction of operational activities for the support of business processes; process automation not yet covered, such as monitoring of points of sale, the business plan customer or sales targets; integrated management of business processes and the simplification of applications through the use of a complete suite of easy access to both online and offline, and easy to use for end users. It also concludes Tosi, XTEL solution is characterized by the flexibility needed to support future business scenarios such as the development of subsequent merchandising activities, and will allow us to have effective tools to carry out analysis of great complexity..



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