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SafetyPay includes international cooperation providers a secure international online payment method for online shoppers, online merchants and banks with PlaySpan Vienna, April 11, 2012 – SafetyPay, has expanded its worldwide presence to Austria and now offers a secure online payment solution via their own online banking account, in its own currency customers throughout Austria, even if they go shopping in international online shops. With SafetyPay, the Austrian online customers can now purchase products such as the gift certificate and Facebook credits that can be used for the purchase of online games, downloads, movies and many digital goods. During the entire purchase process with SafetyPay, the online customer needs to specify any confidential financial information (credit card number or bank account details). An international cooperation was signed with PlaySpan, a company of the group visa (NYSE: V) and leading provider of payment solutions, online games, social networks and Online videos. Under the agreement all dealers by PlaySpan’s UltimatePay as a payment option for their digital goods and services can offer now also SafetyPay. SafetyPay allows players of online games their virtual goods and credits for online games such as EverQuest, fallen Earth, sure to pay more rift, world of tanks, FarmVille and many. We are continuously expanding in Europe and through the development of the Austrian market, SafetyPay offers the opportunity to shop in a secure environment for online retailers in the world,”reported Manuel Montero, founder and Chief Executive Officer of SafetyPay. consumers in Austria For more information about SafetyPay and a list of all partner banks of SafetyPay in Austria, visit at about SafetyPay SafetyPay is a global and secure online payment system, which online banking customers allows worldwide dealers to buy from.

Customers can directly through your own bank account in your local Pay currency. The company was established to meet the growing demand for secure payment methods on the Internet. SafetyPay offers an innovative and patented online payment solution, that acts as a global clearing house. It provides added value for all partners involved banks, dealers and consumers. SafetyPay eliminates the risk of online fraud or impersonation by a third party for consumers.

It provides another source of income and opportunities for cross of promotions banks and increase the customer base of retailers on over 250 million pontentielle bank customers. Customers must never provide your confidential financial data. More info at. Press contact: Mr. David Munch eMail: Web page: at Facebook: SafetyPayAustria Twitter: SafetyPayAT



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