Safe Online Banking

So protect yourself against abuse in online banking from the online account at home who pay rent, check the account balance, or just a few bills without having to be at the bank counter easy: the advantages of online banking to sound so good. About half of today’s Internet users controls its finances via online banking. The use online banking is so convenient and advantageous, can be so insecure, if you meet not the necessary safety precautions. Banks make today with a series of security measures to ensure that their Web portals, as well as the data transfer are as safe. Most abuse cases occur but around the own PC at home, so this represents the biggest flaw in online banking. 8 tips for safe online banking the following remarks refer to the PIN/TAN process most commonly used in online banking.

A virus scanner and a firewall to secure your own PC should be on every home PC to the standard equipment include. Modern firewalls today also offer protection against phishing attacks (password theft). In addition, use an anti-spyware. This prevents malicious programs to install itself on your PC that send personal data to recipients on the Internet. Regularly update the programs. Switch the automatic update service (update function) of the programs, so that you can not forget the updates.

Secure password use when choosing your password do not use in their personal environment-known names or numbers, such as the name of a family member, the telephone number or a date of birth. Use therefore at least achtstelliges password, consisting of both numbers and letters. No automatic storage use save any passwords, as well as PINs and TANs in your browser window. Enter your personal data by hand better each time even if it seems complicated. Private data in the browser delete delete also regularly the private data in your browser.

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