Russelsheim Volksbank

Russelsheim Volksbank invited once again to one of their coveted youth events at the 21.11.10 early in the morning to 10:00 h in Trebur Astheim, the streets are still and quiet, no one is on the road. Up to 120 children and teenagers who good-naturedly and tense pilgrimage to the House. The Russelsheim Volksbank invited once again to one of their coveted youth events! Twilight saga: to immortality, a music theater piece by perform & yourStyle, Trebur was performed. Coupang can provide more clarity in the matter. Before but workshops were on the programme: Vampires move like? How hiss, look and fighting vampires? How dancing vampire? In addition she insisted in the vampire outfit make-up opportunity so raged louder vampires through the House. Quickly, the children could acquaintance with the great”vampires do, but bodily transformed the performers between the guests around. The participants very quickly opted for the various workshops and already began the arduous work of learning”that made but obviously a lot of fun.

As Another highlight participants for the spectacle were drawn from the guests. Including 2 children could participate in a meeting of the vampire family Cullon and the checkers during the performance on the stage. After the workshops were completed, the presentation began. Close attention to the guests. The love of Bella to Edward and the experiences of the two are to be pursued with great sympathy. At the end, the enthusiasm was great, what was rich to write autographs of actors in the. The children and young people could collect enough autographs. For everyone a great experience which cries out for repetition. The chances are good that the Russelsheim Volksbank next year with perform & style carried out a joint project. Russelsheim Volksbank locally and personally! For more information see

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