A possibility to reduce the consumption of salt (we stress, not to delete it) is the use of salts modified (with much smaller amount of sodium); on this point, should be an important consideration: the amount used should be that same that common salt table, if we use the most, it is the same thing that walks (imagine that the product has a 50 per cent less sodium, but we use double amount to feel taste, are incorporating the same amount of sodium). But the best technique is the modify our diet, replacing the salt for other substitutes, eliminating certain products or modify our When it comes to eating and cooking habits. The salt by one side does not taste, we have a wide range of resources to flavor food, so the salt requirement is less. There they come into scene condiments and spices, seeds and vegetables. First, can incorporate them prior to the dish during cooking, or even use it to marinate or marinate meats. To accompany this post, did an experiment that I recommend you to do: took two chicken breasts (cuts that are commonly say that they require salt enough salt), a sale it as ground do the second, only half (to make it easy, I miss him on both sides the same amount, now only I did a face) and added: herbs (thyme, Rosemary, parsley and oregano, all fresh), garlic (very little) chopped and in slices, pepper, ground pepper, paprika and juice and peels of lemon.

It wasn’t that this second zafaba or not much noticed the lack of salt, but it was much more flavorful than the first. The case of the vegetables, can serve as mattress (even grilled) to flavor meats or barely sauteed as a side dish of fresh pasta. Carrot, cooked well, is exquisite, like onion, leek or the pepper. Finally, another element to add flavor are seeds, in general are all good and we have already referred to one in particular, as the combination of Sesame with minced meat, but the site Saldable woman performs a reference point on the subject of salt and recommends,(en pescados, pollos) anise seeds, celery (in soups, stews), mustard (in meat (, potatoes) and cumin among others.



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