Robert Heilein

Love is that provision of the mood, in the happiness of another being is essential for their own happiness Robert Heilein love is the union that allows to preserve the integrity and own individuality Eric Fromm previous appointments are only a small sample of the more usual definitions of love. If we join it in a single would be expressed two basic concepts: own happiness, that of the other and the preservation of individuality. The truth is that in thousands of books and songs he speaks of love and he exalts as the purest emotion, however they end up mixing the concepts of love and desire, which generates erroneous expectations about it, especially to future generations. It is important to clarify that the idea of love has not always join the stable couple. It makes barely a century, marriage as an institution, intended to maintain a social and economic order and to provide a strong family framework, had nothing to do with love. To play roles were well described and delimited. Nobody is She called delusions about that marriage success had to be sustained by the magical power of love. If this occurred, it was coincidentally added the relationship but not as a main factor to maintain the relationship.

The love of romantic, one who refuses to see the defects of the other and to underestimate the difficulties, is not a policy insurance of stability and happiness itself, nor of the couple. Love must entail respect towards each other and towards oneself. You must provide an equitable relationship. It cannot be a form of dependency, and like any other feeling, is subject of a development process. Its maintenance requires effort, will and common sense, and why not?, a dose of insight, initiative and good humor, in order to keep alive the illusion and desire. Here I come, to which I think, is the most important part of this article: none of the above is possible if you have not first and foremost a correct concept of itself and one clear and realistic picture of the other as being independent. The union for love not It should imply possession, nor dependence. I invite you to reflect and to change the following ideas and practice wrong on love.



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