RFID User Day 2009 A Success

the Congress documentation is now available on the 5, 2009 hosted the VDEB in the World Trade Centre Bremen the RFID user day 2009. In the aftermath of the event, the Congress documentation with all articles about the VDEB is available now. The Congress documentation includes 14 lectures RFID users and providers, representing convincingly, that RFID is feasible and worthwhile. The Congress documentation with the entire articles can be obtained from immediately via the website of the VDEB under at the price of 89,-euro plus VAT. In articles in the area of trade and logistics for KARSTADT Warenhaus GmbH and GERRY WEBER, TRICON consulting and ALBIS technologies especially the economy provided by RFID based on innovative case studies in the foreground. Interesting were also the practice reports that showed how the usage is actually realized by RFID in the textile cleaning, in the wood industry in the tool industry and in medical technology. Rolf Chung started the lecture program with two keynotes. In the first keynote explained: Jurgen Kusper by TRICON Consulting GmbH & co.

KG in his case study of excellent logistics for excellent gear – transparency and efficiency with RFID at ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Then, Alexander Ferro from ALBIS Technologies Ltd. described the possible applications of active RFID technology in specialty logistics. The so-called active RFID chips carry a battery and can transmit signals independently, allowing you to interesting applications construct. The directory structure of the exhibition following the RFID user day 2009 was divided into four different Panel. In Panel 1, described initially, Jos W. Fransen, EURO i.d.

identification systems GmbH & co. KG, based of his long-standing experience on innovative RFID applications in the practice and derived conclusions for the future use of RFID. Then were Norbert Streich, Kreyenhop & Kluge GmbH & co. KG, under the title of RFID for Metro as a motor for the improvement of the own processes in materials management and Production a first review of his company with RFID again.

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