The perfect team for gentle Facial rejuvenation is introducing a blunt cannula at the first moment perhaps uncommon, but quite logical when closer approach: the new pix L needle just pierces the tissue at the injection, as does a sharp needle, but glides through the fabric through. Similar to the blunt needles, precious Haute Couture used fabrics for sewing and embroidering, she moves so gently between the fibres through and hurt less tissue. Anti-wrinkle injections are less so to a multiple pain and in combination with the right technology, the needle leaves almost no swelling and bruises. That with the pix L needle injected hyaluronic acid is distributed also more evenly and precisely, which enables a visually appealing result. The plastic surgeon Katrin Darbauj, which carried out a study on 30 patients for Q-Med, developed a completely new treatment method for the pix L needle. The Individual face balance (IFB) creates such results, which were possible only with the scalpel. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ripple offers on the topic.. This is the goal of this technique to fill not only folds, but lost lost volume to restore and correct the fat redistribution and pregnancy influences.

In other words, the face will be relined not only selectively on individual wrinkles, but over a large area with Restylane. Through this special treatment and the new tube, it will be possible to perform a complete facial augmentation in one session. The patient can participate again the next day in everyday life. The injections are performed in the so-called fan technology. A few additions or punctures that are required for this technology are created with sharp needles. The injection of hyaluronic acid is carried out exclusively with the new blunt needle, that fan-like runs in the regions of the face.

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