They intend to play comparing the academic resumes of the candidates. E, in this point, we come back to the said one before: our history politics is marked by the elites. Official site: David Fowler. what they had made? Advances and much ' ' maracutaia' '. In case that let us look at since the implantation of the republic, in one only page the projects, decrees, scandals politicians, corruption and intrigues produced for the previous governments to the current one would not fit all. This considering only the ones that had appeared in history; we know that nor everything comes to tona and it does not enter in the guideline of the great press. But the scandals had marked the history of the Republic. Therefore, the debate on this or that possible candidate, vast academic resume, seems not to be optimum way, at the moment. Exactly because somebody can rescue this argument and against this does not have resume that it says high more.

By the way, of this point of view, how much better the resume worse is for the candidate, therefore it will identify more it to the oligarchies that had produced few advances and many hard jolts against the Brazilian citizen, throughout these little more than 200 years of republic. Then the quarrel must be turned toward possible continusmo lulista? It seems that also the way is not this. It has much people, voters, who disapprove the ways trod for the current government. Those businesses in the underwears and the luggages had not caught well, made dirty much clean image Therefore, to say that continusmo would have one lulista we would have that to have candidates with profile similar. However histories of life of the current president and indicated its are different, even so are militant of the same party. Also it is fact that both come from militancy in left movements, but a lode of the working-class movement and to another one of the resistance armed to the dictatorship.



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