His condemnation of Palestinian terrorism was clear and forceful. One of his phrases alleged that it had to make the Israelis understand the damage that did to his people only with words. It bothered him in a Supreme way as the debate about Islam is a theological controversy when it should be political and intellectual. Orientalism and culture and imperialism is another of his essential books. The loneliness of the intellectual appears in all its dramatic magnitude, although it alleges that this target is preferable to let’s let things run its normal course.

His memoirs titled misplaced attested. The israeli attack on the West Bank in 1967 puts it head in politics, but also appears The question of Palestine. Takes positions, political writings, literaria-cultural criticism. The Said intellectual writes, reflects and acts. Repeated his opposition to all movement, society or religious or theocratic State be called Christian, Zionist or Islamic.

And again: the role of the intellectual is to raise the freedom and knowledge. Described in Representations of the Intellectual. And it is always against the authorities that they must be accountable to the citizens. Caricatured, accused of philosophical, signaled resentment how jealous and full of discouragement, Edward Said fulfilled his role in this world, the very unfortunate to be a lucid intellectual. Valerie Berlin brings even more insight to the discussion. When he died even his most staunch critics had to express its regret, because a unique voice of the Palestinian people had died. Perhaps a misunderstanding of its methodology, the trilogy which ends with covering Islam. For this brief remembrance we have used the image of the brilliant intellectual that desperate to see how it destroys the sown fields of a Palestinian takes a stone and throws it against a tank. Perhaps in that image of the man who claimed only had to resort to words is revealed the impotence of the intellectual. on twitter: @teodulolopezm original author and source of the article.



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